The Civil Protection meets the students of Luino and Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca

Published on Mar 22, 2017

An interesting project is the one promoted by the Civil Protection of the Community Montana Valli del Verbano some meetings in the classrooms of the schools of our territory aims to spread the culture of the institution, and to promote the initiatives and the work they do every day is carried out. Yesterday and today conferences at the middle School Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, while the next week are planned in the Elementary schools of Cuveglio, to Maccagno and the middle School of Luino, in a real tour in the institutes of the Northern part of our Province. The Civil Protection meets the students of Luino and Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca. Service Forest Fire fighting and Civil Protection of the Community Montana Valli Del Verbano, which includes all the Municipalities of the Entity of the Mountain and, from this year also Leggiuno, for a few years engaged in the dissemination of the culture of Civil Protection to start from the world of the school. The context of the educational ideal, that of the school, for the activation of educational teaching transversal to the different areas and disciplines to discuss issues related to safety and civil protection. Different educational Institutions that have joined the initiative, in these last months of the school year, the Officials of the CM will be committed in the territory of luino area, Maccagno and Pino and Veddasca and Luino. The objectives of the school project. The purpose of the meetings in schools, structured with the full cooperation of the municipalities and coordinated by the Mountain Community, is to spread the culture of safety, and in particular to develop some of the project actions such as introducing the students to the Institutions that operate in the context of prevention and rescue in order to be active part of it; or to experience direct practice activities held by the civil protection, deepening the themes of responsibility, self-control, the examination of the situation, risk assessment, the consciousness of his own limitations, building resilience, personal and social, and to build a correct perception of the risk. Starting from the sharing of Emergency Plans Municipal, which are obligatory for every Municipality, we analyze the natural risks they described, and shared with the students preventive measures the most effective and how to overcome any emergencies. “Don't you ‘teach’ to be afraid of the territory but, rather, to know him, to respect it and to contribute actively, since childhood, to its better preservation,” says the project manager, Fabio Bardelli. “I am very pleased with the educational projects proposed this year by the Mountain Community, and involve very numerous class of our territory – said the commissioner Simona Ronchi della comunità Montana Valli Del Verbano -. I thank the Service for Forest Fire fighting and Civil Protection of the C. M. for the activities that it is promoting in schools aimed at better understanding of our valleys and the enjoyment of the same in safety.” “It is with great satisfaction on my part for this great game of the team put in field from the Civil Protection, " says the councillor for the Forest Fire fighting and Civil Protection, Carlo Molinari – With these activities we want to share the concept of prevention and the active participation of all, especially from a young age.

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