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Published on Nov 14, 2017


The material of Conan, perhaps the most important hero sword & sorcery ever, born from the volcanic imagination of Robert E. Howard, is decidedly abundant, and, so far, Panini Comics has published a number of necklaces dedicated to him. America is currently the Dark Horse to take care of the violent cimmero, but for many years his stories in the comics were made by Marvel, and, from a certain point of view, are still the best.

Conan The Barbarian was strongly wanted by the brilliant Roy Thomas, who saw proper to create a comic-book that is designed for the fan of fantasy. Although Stan Lee is not interested in the project, allowed him to make it happen and the result was extraordinary. Roy, in fact, assisted by the spectacular Barry Windsor-Smith created an opera, which he entered in the history of comics. Moreover, the series of Conan soon became one of the most sold of the House of Ideas, to the point of rivaling that of Spider-Man.

Then, when Smith left the series, came the great John Buscema, one, which in practice drew the largest number of episodes of the barbarian. If the cimmero Windsor-Smith had a look elegant, refined, and pre-raphaelite, one of Buscema was more muscular and aggressive. Thomas modified part of the atmosphere of the narrative, focusing, however, getting in on the action. Then, when he began to outline the saga of the Amra (another name attributed to Conan), introducing the beautiful Belit, destined to become the great love of barbaro, the enthusiasm of the fans was overwhelming.

This first volume of The Chronicles of Conan includes the nn. 82/86, 88/91 and 93/97 of the head, and the original fall in the saga of Amra. After you have obtained this title, the barbarian, in the company of Belit, she wanders into the vast and unexplored regions of the was hyboriana and will of course be forced to deal with threats of various types: warrior tribe, hostile mages from the bad intentions, monsters worthy of Lovecraft, and so on. Thomas, however, introduces two character important.

The first is the sorcerer Thoth-Amon who made his debut in the episode of the no. 88 and will later have a recurring role in the events of Conan. The second is Zula, a warrior from the black leather top is also a vampire and through a series of circumstances becomes the ally of cimmero and Belit. Thomas is a mix of cleverly adventure, fantasy and horror, writing texts a little verbose but evocative, and sketching the plots compelling.
The volume should also be reported to the drawings. John Buscema, as usual, produces the tables of great visual impact, characterized by a naturalistic style and detail that made him the so-called Michelangelo of comics. Keep an eye on the action sequences, enhanced by a dynamic impeccable, even today, of great suggestive value. The chine are of Ernie Chan, a collaborator on a recurring Buscema in the seventies, and give depth and solidity to the pencils of Big John.

And then be reported to the nn. 82/83 because drawn by Howard Chaykin, the transgressive author of American Flagg!, Black Kiss, the Shadow, and other masterpieces. These stories were among his first professional duties, and the style is far from aggressive which will develop later. Probably because of the directives of the publishing house, Howard doesn't stray too far from the canons graphic set by Buscema, but the overall result is still valid.

Ultimately, The Chronicles of Conan is a proposal to consider, and you can not miss in the library of the fans of barbaro, and of admirers of the Marvel classic.

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