The Christmas tv, what we see on Channel 5 in the festivities? The programming


Published on Dec 07, 2019


With December 8th, the Christmas holidays are approaching, and you will always hear more of the christmas atmosphere in the air. And also the schedule, or better the various the schedule of the tv networks will change. Today we will talk about what is going to be aired on Channel 5 in the month of December. In particular, we focus on the first evening, that will be the proposal to Channel 5 for the first time. Many new proposals, Christmas film and also a tv series coming up with new seasons. A schedule, then which will not only replicas but also many new proposals.

In the first part of the season for Mediaset, there have been a perfect evening, and the other to forget. Between the flop certainly one of Friends and Celebrities, but also of fiction as Over the threshold ( which is a lot like the product but the public has not appreciated). Flop for adriano Celentano, that this year, with Adrian not accessible to the public. Excellent instead, and record the ratings of You you que vales among the race horses of the network.

So, let us see how to change the program of Channel 5 in the month of December and then for the holidays! What we will see at Christmas on the flagship network Mediaset? Clearly, the programs of day time you will take a break even if for the moment there is no confirmation about the dates. Imagine the Morning 5 Afternoon 5 will be aired until 20 December and then return in January. Men and Women might go on holiday with a few days in advance, as had happened also in the last year.

SUNDAY – after fiction The Hunting – Monteperdido, the evening of the Sunday, provides a film on 8th December and the second season of New Amsterdam from next week.

MONDAY – On Monday, at the beginning and end of the year, space to film during the hiatus Live – Not the D'urso, which ends in mid-December, the last episode should air on the 16th of December 2019 and then return after the holidays.

TUESDAY – The first time on Tuesday, in the offers to December (presumably on the 17th) a special of Cesare Bocci entitled Journey in the Great Beauty. To follow, on christmas eve (24 December) Christmas Concert in the Vatican, and the last of the year (December 31) new year's Eve in Music. Tuesday, January 7, Alfonso Signorini will lead the fourth edition of Big Brother Vip. Changes this year on the day of the airing of the reality show of Channel 5 since, theoretically, to Monday, is expected to remain at least for the month of January, Live.

WEDNESDAY – After the end of Beyond the Threshold (December 11), space films.


FRIDAY – The 20th of December you will have completed The Process with Vittoria Puccini (the 29th November), which will be followed by the airing of the film.

SATURDAY – Space is still to Tú sí que vales (the final is scheduled for 14 December) and the beginning of you've got Mail (11 January). In the breaks we'll see the movie. In particular, should go on air on Channel 5 different Disney movie, purchased by Mediaset.

For what concerns the other changes, the 6 of January will debut the new edition of Next another that will take the place of a countdown, which debuted in the month of November.

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