The Christmas tv: Netflix offers Promises to subscribers, the series is back on Mediaset


Published on Dec 16, 2017


At Christmas there are some certainties that make the holidays unique: the candied fruits in the panettone, the Christmas tree, commercials for pandoro arise with the exchange of christmas greetings and then there is her promise. Over the christmas period, the phrase, what would the world be without Nutella, it could capsize becoming that Christmas would be without her promise, and this year, the certainty return. For the address book, The Christmas tv, so today we just Captured: where will wave in these Christmas holidays? As you know, in Italy, the rights of Mediaset that for these christmas holidays, gives us the airing of one of the series most loved by the public. However, there is also a super news for all the subscribers of Netflix: Christmas lights up a star! Jokes aside, even Netflix was overwhelmed by the magic of Christmas and on the platform, more than a few days, it is possible to see, without any kind of interruption, is Captured. It is not a wonderful news? Let's see in detail what it is, instead, the programming of Mediaset, relative to the various seasons of Fantaghirò.


Will Mediaset Extra channel to follow the series on tv:

-on the 24th of December, 2017 in the afternoon, wave to 14 arrives the first season of Promises

-on the 24th of December, 2017 in the early evening to 21,15 will air the movie The wonderful story of catherine and caroline

-on the 25th December 10.45 will be aired Fantaghirò 2 while the 18 will be aired Fantaghirò 3

-the December 26, 2017 we will be able to follow the last two sets of Promises: the fourth season aired to 14.30 while to 18.45 will be aired the last chapter of the saga

If we think that in the ’90s, Mediaset was able to make the tv series as her promise, and that in 2017 it will be broadcasted Sacrifice of love, we can understand that kind of change, in the negative, there was in Italy. First you anticipated the other nations, with the fiction and the series of experimental, but today all we can do is learn from other countries, light years ahead of us.




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