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Published on Apr 27, 2019


5 books to gift on the occasion of Communion and Confirmation – Low Shelf

In few days begins in May, a month often marked by religious events important in the lives of the boys. This year, my son Xavier, for example, will receive the first Communion, the daughter of a dear friend instead of the Confirmation. The sacraments are a truly important step in the life of believers, as awareness and as a grace.

In embarrassment to think of some gift to celebrate this moment, especially watching the kids today who have everything, as usual, turn to the books seemed to me to be the best choice. In addition to the board to choose books tailored to the character and inclinations of the different readers, I propose 5 books of religious content, 5 different locations, and unusual, 5 beautiful books to read and incuriosenti .

Massimo Camisasca, superior general, Tullio a year later, Electa.

This novel, divided into 10 chapters that reflect 10 the parables of the gospel), follows the life of Tullio, a boy of the second media, which lives peacefully with his life among friends, family, school. Each chapter tells a first-person experience of life without any reference to their religious title, instead, and quote the whole page in a font larger to take on the parable that inspired it-binds the story. A read that flows nicely and a tie, the one with the Writing, which shows the relevance of the teachings of Jesus to real life and modern.

Bénédicte Delelis – Éric Puybaret, The Gospel told from the animals, Still.

The French couple is a agile book) illustrations, where the illustrations the readers are accompanied by short texts that you imagine to be pronounced by the various animals who discreetly but constantly were witnesses of the life of Jesus. The first story is that of a shepherd dog present at the announcement of the birth of Jesus, then follows the ox in the manger, but also subject more aside as the fox from the empty stomach or the sparrow impatient. For each short story, the reference to the gospel arouses the curiosity of the original passage, while the images are striking in kindness.

Pope Francis, Jesus is here! The first communion, the Small publishing house.

Despite the title, the text consists of different parts written by different authors, although all related to the first Communion. The text opens with an extract from a homily of Pope francis that speaks to the Communion, following a series of interesting reports that tell of the eucharistic Miracles, namely, the historical cases in which the bread and wine of the eucharistic transformed miraculously into flesh and blood, finally closes a short rewrite of a dialogue that the Pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, had with a group of children who were preparing for first Communion. In general the text flows with ease and the miraculous episodes, which flow in time from 750 up to 1906, are particularly interesting also for the fact that they were frequently the children of the protagonists of the story.

Margaret McAllister – Alida Massari, forgotten Stories of the Bible, Jacob's well.

Really curious is this text, halfway between the narrative text and the register shows that goes to fish out the key characters of biblical history that is often forgotten in favour of the most famous names. Agar, meribbaal, the servant of Naamàn, Tabitha... it's nice to discover little biblical episodes fallen by the wayside, and it is important to remember that even small people, with roles that can often seem marginal, have contributed with humility and true faith to the progression of the love story of God in the world. The writing is engaging, and the female roles stand out for their courage and beauty. Also in this case, the rewriting is accompanied by the biblical reference.

Pierdomenico Baccalario, In the Bible, I have met St. Paul.

To Pierdomenico Baccalario is the most complex among those proposed. The Italian author engages in a rewriting interesting precisely because it does not want to be only a simplification or a job summary, but rather an exercise of identification. The entire Bible, selected through many episodes, is rewritten, giving a voice to the different characters and focusing for each step the accent of one of the protagonists. It happens then that some of the passages of the Old Testament are narrated by the angel Gabriel, the angel Michael, Lucifer, or maybe are anonymous jews, people from the names that are forgotten or even from God. The same happens in the New Testament (which includes also the Acts of the apostles), where the voices of the apostles counterpoise those of the women, of Jesus, but also of the sick without a name. A novel dense and interesting that it reads easily thanks to the fragmentation given by the change of voice. A novel that does not want to replace the Bible – which, for its beauty can be read in the full version – but that the Bible is inspired and the Bible, see: an interesting experiment.

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