The children of the MBL excited for the experience with the “Harlem Globetrotters”, tomorrow the award ceremony

Published on Apr 20, 2017

A beautiful experience that which is experienced by the children of the mini-MBL Basketball Verbano Luino on 31 march this year, when the PalA2A of Varese attended an evening with the darlings of the “Harlem Globetrotters”. The company organized the contest “Draw the Harlem Globetrotters”, the party on Monday last, that tomorrow will have its own winner, with the award ceremony during the interval of the match of the luinesi against Tradate, valid for the last day of the Regular Season of the championship Series C-Silver Group A. The management expects the maximum participation by supporters and families. The children of the MBL excited for the experience with the “Harlem Globetrotters”, tomorrow the award ceremony. An unforgettable experience that the children of the “MiniBasketLuino” Basketball Verbano, last march 31, when the PalA2A of Varese were able to admire the famous “Harlem Globetrotters”. Seventy members, of which twenty-nine children, accompanied by instructors, parties bus from Luino to the palace of Varese, where, thanks to the “Magic Pass”, participated in the pre-event, spending half an hour in the field to play with the Harlem Globetrotters in person.” That was the real show to the master. Great surprise and emotion for the small MBL, when their instructor, Marcello, Cinzia, Roberto, Silvia and Davide, have communicated to them that half the show will be called into the field to make a group photo with the champions. From this enthusiasm it was called “Draw the Harlem Globetrotters”. A dozen drawings arrived at the company until Monday, created specially by the children to participate in the drawing contest “Draw the Harlem Globetrotters”. You can vote on the Page Facebook Basketball Verbano and Minibasket Luino, until tomorrow, by clicking here. The winner will be declared by a jury, “special”, which will choose between the five most voted thanks to the number of “likes” on Facebook, and will be awarded tomorrow night before the game of PVL against Tradate, which will be played at the PalaBetulle of Luino. “It was a wonderful experience for us instructors, " explains the staff-and to see the enthusiasm and the joy of the children it was a great satisfaction. Tomorrow will be an evening that we will not forget easily because it will be a very important moment for the participants of the contest, born to this case, proved to be a real success. Like MBL, we continue to commit ourselves to organize events involving children and their families, as well as tournaments and feasts of the end of the season, we are now dedicating in a particular manner to the preparation of the camp, 18 June: a week in the mountains with the Pallacanestro Varese. We are waiting all of you tomorrow”.

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