The child of the Labyrinth, 30 years after the film, today is the true “King of Goblins”

Published on Sep 24, 2016

Here's Toby, the baby of the Labyrinth, remember David Bowie, saw; surrounded by the puppets that today creates for work. Thus becoming the true King of the Goblins..

Thanks to a wonderful article appeared on the Huffington Post we discover the life of Toby Froud, well-known to the public 30 years ago, just as the baby in Labyrinth and is now known as the true “King of Goblins“.

You. I'm talking about, of that child who, in the cult film of 1986, sat on the knee of David Bowie, at the time, “Goblin King” in the film. The “crown” is now gone, ironically Toby Froud; in spite of the efforts made by the “sister” to not let it become a goblin in the film.

The child, now adult, has been renamed as well, not only for his participation in the film, which obviously don't remember anything considering the age that he had at that time, but also because of his work. Following in the footsteps of the father, the conceptual designer and costume designer in the film by Jim Henson, Toby is a dedicated in fact to the construction of puppets (goblins, trolls and other fantastic creatures) at the animation studio Laika, where he now works.

Toby Froud has also recently taken part in numerous projects, which include ParaNorman, the Boxtrolls – The Magic Boxes, and Kubo and the Magic Sword, reaching even to direct a short film called Lessons Learned.

“It was incredibly funny to grow up in a world in which everyone seemed to know me already since I was a very small child. Still today there are people who when you say, “I'm Toby” he asks “just A moment, you're THAT Toby?””

These are the words issued by Froud during the interview, which also spoke of the recent death of David Bowie:

“It was a strange feeling, because it knew him not. My regret was to have never attended after growing up have simply become one of her many fans.”

“While I was Lesson Learned, someone has put the whole volume Magic Dance: at this point all I have put around their puppets and had them dance with me in the middle, the result was really strange. After the death of Bowie, I posted the video as a sort of small tribute to all that was.”

Below is the video to which Toby refers to:

If, like us, reading you left to take from the nostalgia, remember that in a few days will be released as a box set in a limited edition for the 30th anniversary of the Labyrith!

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