The chaos of Men and Women, lite Trash Karina Cascella-Teresa Cilia on the social accusations and defenses


Published on Aug 09, 2019


And who would have thought that our summer would have been revived, the mosciume a gossip that there is giving no joy, from the former protagonists of Men and Women! After the call-and-response on the social of the day before yesterday between Raffella Mennoia and Teresa Cilia, yesterday it was the turn of Karina Cascella. The former columnist of Men and Women has decided to take the field to defend Raffaella Mennoia from the accusations received on the social. The Cascella explained that for over 20 years, there has been a friendship that goes well beyond the program, and that you, who knows so well Raffaella, must necessarily intervene on this story and cannot remain silent. Immediate, as you can imagine, the replication of Teresa Cilia that gave moments of true trash with his stories, going to fish out a story that was lost in the folds of time ( we speak of the throne of Salvatore Angelucci and beloved Paola Frizziero).

But let's go with order. Karina has recorded the stories, during which you will defend to the death Raffaella and his work and it blames those who should be grateful to you, to the program, and to Mary, and on social is doing what they should not do.

Today I have seen stories that has made Teresa, I don't remember the last name. I don't know why she has it with Raffaella. I to Raffaella I, I presented the father of my daughter, Mary. We're friends for 20 years and I think I know it well. I can afford to say that I know how it works Mary, and the newsroom. They are all attentive to the kids, them, cuddle, respond day and night for any problem.
When you touch a person that is dear to me as Nicole intervene. You dear teresa, you made Men and Women. Have you been seen by millions of viewers. You have had so very large numbers on social and now you can work with the companies. You were also given the opportunity to do Temptation Island and work in the newsroom. Are shocked and appalled by your ingratitude. It is not possible that I have to see stories where Raffaella is denigrated. A great lack of respect as a woman. Why did you do it? For you have two followers in the most? Do not smear people who have done good. You have threatened, you have said that you want to reveal some things. But what are we talking about?!”.

The Cascella continues, saying that, among other things, can not hide behind the fact that there is a particular person to be wrong, because if insults Raffaella and you have doubts about his work, you also necessarily have some doubts on the work of Maria de Filippi. The Cascella also stresses that Raffaella is one of the few people not feeling any jealousy for the female gender, and that, on the contrary, if he sees women as strong and capable in front of her, he is just happy.

Of course, it was decided to get the replica of the Cilia:

“Speak to you Karina, and give me life lessons? Raffaella Mennoia is your friend and saves the cul* each other. You did go crazy Paola Frizziero and then exit out the truth. You made it come out crazy. You've stolen the boyfriend. Make the moral to me? Then you don't know anything about what happened. I did not spit in the plate where I ate. I Men and Women I have found love. I speak of a single person. I understand that parts of his defence. You are made of the same dough. The difference between you and me is that I don't be controlled by anyone and do not steal boyfriends.
Are shocked. A person, such as Karina makes the moral to me after what she did? You are lacking sincerity.”

And Teresa pulls out a story a little bit past, but that the audience of Men and Women know it well and perhaps collect a point in his favor because, you know, no one forgave at that time Karina this story, even if she continues today to reaffirm that there was no history with Sasà and who later became her boyfriend, there are a few people believe this version of events...

The Cascella he then closed the evening by saying that Theresa had locked on the social and that, therefore, this matter will be closed as well. But are we really sure that has been written the final chapter?

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