The challenge that Tophost launches to the crisis is to keep the same price

Published on Aug 09, 2018

Tophost is a hosting service was born in 2004 that offers professional performance at a low price, with the goal of establishing itself as the first Italian player in the sector, hosting LowCost.

Hosting now well-known in Italy, can boast:
– over 130,000 domains
– more than 43,000 active customers.

With Tophost, the companies ensure a fast site, reliable, intuitive and best of all affordable. Great for those who want to optimize costs, but without sacrificing the quality of the servants delivered. But let's talk about the challenge Tophost: unlike many sites that have increased prices, the company in question tries to cope with the crisis by improving the performance of your service, but relying on the word of mouth of its customers.

In fact, by the economy of scale, the company will give to all the new features practically free What you need to do is to reach the target of 6000 new installations by 31 October 2018: the challenge continues, we support Tophost.

For more information click here: Tophost the price of the hosting is just €10,99

Here are the main advantages of Tophost as compared to the competition:

– web packages complete with all the indispensable tools to developers and companies
– the prices of the hosting super competitive
– discount coupons for new customers
– good prices on product renewal
– automated workflow
– quick activation of services
– support via ticket-fast and friendly
– usability, and simplicity

Other advantages that this technology offers with respect to the services:

– computing power and memory dynamically to meet sudden spikes – increased performance thanks to scalable systems
– possibility to modulate the shaping of the resources and give life to new products and
new customizations
– update the rapid software of the server in view of the flexibility of the cloud
– storage of data on storage IBM XIV and IBM A9000 last generation, with performance in reading and writing high enterprise Hardware, prices low

The Cloud allows you to Tophost have, first of all, the performance and focus resources on innovation rather than infrastructure, allowing to revolutionize the offer to the final customer.

THE cloud web farm seeweb presents the virtual infrastructure based on storage with enterprise-class, high-performance, next-generation processor – server and interconnected at 10 Gbps,vertical scalability, and real-time resources.

Tophost get as a result is a final product, convenient and perfectly functional to the needs of its target customer.

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