The CEO of Snapchat on Facebook: "in addition to the Stories, they should copy also the way to protect the data"


Published on May 30, 2018


The annual Code Conference, Re/code will be held in California this week, and the first interesting points of discussion begin to emerge. The CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, in fact, in addition to speaking of the much-criticized platform updates, and has had the opportunity to tell her about how much has copied Facebook, and on the recent scandal of Cambridge Analytica.

In particular, Spiegel has put the finger in the crease with regards to the burning discussion on privacy sees Facebook as the main protagonist. Referring instead to the decision of the social network of Zuckerberg's copy of the stories of Snapchat (by including them in Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), Spiegel said: "we would appreciate very much if to copy after our methods to protect the data of users".

Snapchat was created on the idea that the messages and photos that users exchange disappear after a precise period of time, thus providing users a kind of sense of security. According to Spiegel, the version of Facebook “is a group of functions included in the app without keeping in mind the philosophy of the privacy of the users.

Spiegel, finally, he declared that Snapchat will survive all the competitors that copy its functions, because while other platforms require people to “compete with friends to get the “I Like”, Snapchat puts all the attention on the communication with close friends. Thus, in spite of Facebook imitated its functions, the CEO remains strongly convinced that “the quality of Snapchat are difficult to copy“.

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