The Castle of Ceremonies: When does it start? The advances of the second season


Published on Aug 23, 2018


After the huge unexpected success of the first season of " The Castle of the Ceremonies, Real Time confirmation on his page Facebook official the impending arrival in September of the second season of the docu-reality show filmed at the Grand Hotel The Sonsira in Sant'antonio Abate. To welcome us will be, as usual, Woman, Imma (daughter of the Boss Don Antonio), her husband Matthew and the whole happy gang, composed by maitre, waiters, cooks and service staff. But when will it be aired? At what time? And what novelties can we expect this second season of " The Castle of the Ceremonies?

Waiting to know more in-depth information on the docu-reality in the course of the next presentation of the schedules of Discovery Real Time has already started to anticipate the dates of the airing of the tv programs the most anticipated of the Channel 31. The first evening of the 7 September will be really rich in prime tv: at 21:10 will broadcast the first episode of Bake Off Italia 6, where through a “super casting” will be elected officially to the competitors who come under the big tent.

Immediately after, in the late evening, around 23:10 hours, will broadcast the premiere of The Castle of Ceremonies 2. As is revealed in a video trailer posted on the page Facebook of the network, in the course of the episode of her debut, we will see a Woman Imma and her husband, Matthew, quarrel because of a few meatballs with the eggplant prepared by her mother Rita.

The Castle of Ceremonies

The meatballs are NEVER too many. Raise your hand if you would like to taste one! ✋ 😋 #IlCastelloDelleCerimonie back on Friday 7th September at 22.40!

Publiée par Real Time sur Mercredi 22 août 2018

In addition to the skirmishes family, we will find out if Antonio Jr has decided to continue his career of musical artist (after the launching of the single Popular or if you put the head in place, and will return to study.

Of course, there will be ceremonies: in between wedding parties, eighteenth, and special events, we are going to have fun in front of the healthy trash put in the foot of more or less involuntarily by the bride and groom, the guests and invitees.

There is great anticipation on the web for the address book include Rita, the wife of the Boss. On the web, in fact, the grandmother of the house Polese was the protagonist of a humorous book in which he showed the preparation of the specialties of the neapolitan cuisine. A book that played on the fact that all the dishes she made were in fact based on prompt. Real-Time, fact made a second round of recipes after the first cliccatissima series?

The recipes of Mrs. Rita Chop –

The CUTLET of the Lady Rita is high in calories yes, but... is also very good! 😋 All the recipes are on Dplay Italy:

Publiée par Real Time sur Dimanche 17 décembre 2017

Remember then that it starts on the 7th of September 2018, with the first episode of the Castle of the Ceremonies.

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