The case Riccardo fogli, the decision of Mediaset and the great havoc on the social: some feel it stinks


Published on Mar 07, 2019


Very often, the success of the programmalo decreed the relationship of trust established with the public. The empathy with the protagonists of a fiction, or with the protagonists of a reality show is key, as well as the feeling that a conductor needs to find its audience. To understand: the cast of The red door, tweet and discuss with the fans on everything happening in tv in the course of the evening in which the series airs. Grows the interest of the public, the hashtag #laportarossa enter in the trend topic, and the audience feels considered. This does not happen to the Island of the famous 2019. And we explain why. However, before we continue with the discussion begun with our title. All of these shortcomings, and what happened in the day yesterday and not only, lead one to think the public that there is something prepared so that on a social network grows the idea that there is a plot to speak of reality, by resorting to such vulgarity.

And now let's get back to us.

-The presenter does not show any empathy with the competitors. Not following the bands in the day time, does not know what has happened in the week. Do not make the minimum effort to follow the programs that speak of the Island which, for example, in the case of Sheets not even know that what he said was the alleged lover at Sunday Live, not making even the slightest effort to review the saw in question.

The Marcuzzi is not riding the horse in controversy, does not take the initiative is too closely linked to that script and that folder that never loses sight of.

-Who often appears they are more or less at the level of the Marcuzzi. Do you think 15 days away, and perhaps more, from the case Capparoni-test-Maddoloni has asked me to let him win, still have not figured out how it went.

-Alvin, gives the minimum contribution to be able to put in order matters, in fact.

These are the general problems of reality. We examine the case of Foglo. Because the public begins to believe that it was all a hoax and that probably even the singer and his wife were in agreement?

Perhaps because they start to be too many things that don't add up.

-Riccardo fogli is so concerned about the betrayal of his wife, decides to remain in the game, to continue and not to fly to Italy for a face-to-face ( in the past in other similar situations arrived at the retreats, to demonstrate that nothing was organized)

-Incredibly from the Island come the images of yet another discussion for a coconut, no vent Riccardo useful gossip

-The singer, instead of asking for a new confrontation with his wife or her alleged lover, takes the comparison with the person who posted the news, and here comes the brave Fabrizio Corona ( in the meantime, however, these tests, of which so much mention in the newspapers did not not published).

-The wife of Riccardo fogli decides not to go on the no transmission but rely on social and is criticized by everyone for her choices. Do not be wary of the various programs from talking about this story.

-In the episode post Island in the Afternoon 5, the d'urso explains: “I saw the episode yesterday and I'm very worried, I am a friend of Richard for over 40 years. The first thing I did this morning, call one of the authors of the program that I know of. I said that is fine and that he has no intention of leaving the program.“

And then what happens is what we all know. The case of the “Sheets” ends up on all the information sites, on the news. And if it is true that we are talking about the Island, it is also true that the ratings do not take off. All this “affaire” has only thrown manure on the reality and on Mediaset, and is not served to nothing considering the bad ratings brought home. Hence, the decision of Mediaset: out project managers, outside authors. A decision that resonates quite hypocritical but that comes. And the public still harbors doubts.

In short, the feeling is that the bomb be exploded in such a way that nobody expected and that the consequences have not been those expected.


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