The case of the warning Milly Carlucci Mediaset for Friends Celebrities: the final


Published on Sep 28, 2019


After an intense afternoon made of assumptions and rumors came in the grand final, with the clarifications of the lawyer of Milly Carlucci made the Bend, and the response of Mediaset in a press release. We speak of course of the fuss raised yesterday, after rumors launched by Dagospia about a warning that Carlucci would have done to Mediaset for Friends Celebrities.

In fact, as the same Milly Carlucci stressed on the social, there is a notice but only a letter in which you make note of certain things. The legal Carlucci explained to Ansa the position of the presenter and Mediaset with another press release, he replied.

So let's begin with the words of the lawyer of Milly Carlucci, Yori Picciotti.

In particular, I wish to explain that, for any reason, it is possible to predict that, within a race, a professional dancer performs dances with a so-called “VIP” because this combination represents the characterising element of “Dancing with the stars”. Said element is, however, recognized by the RTI, which, in 2012, following two judgments of the Ordinary Court of Rome, obtained from the Ms Carlucci (the reference would seem to be the case, Baila, Ndr), and is expressly committed to avoiding any form of use of the most important aspects of “Dancing with the stars.

The lawyer stresses that it is a simple invitation to the good sense saw that already years ago came to certain things, and there were certain agreements.

After the words of the lawyer of Milly Carlucci came the release of Mediaset:

We note that the attorney Picciotti was not intended to be wary Rti while reserving the right to take judicial initiatives, in the case of a non-intervention of the latter. The reconstruction of the attorney Picciotti on the commitments undertaken by Rti in the previous agreements is not precise, nor contributing to the topic. Comment on then by only the thesis of the lawyer Picciotti that a non VIP can dance with a professional dancer if not in the program Dancing with the stars. Certainly Friends Celebrities is not appropriate, of any characteristic element of the Dancing with the Stars, and of course, there is no element of confusion between the two programs distinct in their conception and development representative.

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