The case of San Bernardino could be repeated with another iPhone is locked


Published on Oct 07, 2016


We thought that with the case of San Bernardino, the history would not be repeated, but apparently it was not so. In fact, The FBI may again request to Apple “help” to unlock other iPhone locked.

The phone belonged to Dahir Adan, a company employee of private security who stabbed ten people in a shopping mall in Minnesota. Adan was killed by the police during the attack, but the FBI agents are looking for her iPhone to find clues as to his motives and if he had communicated with some representatives of ISIS before the attack.

The situation is identical to that of the case of San Bernardino took place earlier this year, which saw the FBI ask Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the murderers. From the moment that the phone was locked, the FBI has sought to force the company to create a modified version of iOS that would allow access to the terminal of the killer. Later, the FBI withdrew its request after you have located and purchased an unlock method by a third party.

It is not yet clear if the FBI will again seek to force Apple to unlock the phone, but the department has not excluded the option.

We are evaluating our legal options and techniques to get access to this device and the data it contains

he said the FBI agent special Rich Thornton in a press conference.

It is not yet clear which model of the iPhone, but if you were to deal with an iPhone 5C or earlier, the FBI could use the method that is purchased or through the technique of “NAND Mirroring” to decipher the data contained within the phone without the assistance of Apple.




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