The camera Netatmo Welcome is now compatible with HomeKit


Published on Nov 16, 2018


Netatmo, a brand well-known regarding devices, smart home, has been acquired by Legrand, the French group, BTicino, equally famous for the smart solutions for home automation. This will ensure that the devices can be updated more quickly and that the technology can reach even the most distant of other types of products for the home.

Recently, Netatmo has released a software update for the camera, yet Welcome, where it is finally enabled support for HomeKit.

As you know, in fact, for a few months, Apple allows you to add support to your framework, also via software and not necessarily hardware. This will allow the platform to spread further expanding the number of devices connected enabled.

Netatmo is working in the right way, and then some day you can use voice commands to have access to the camera and see live everything that happens on the screen of the smartphone. If we had more of a Welcome that is installed we will be able to ask Siri to show us exactly the one present in a particular room. Thanks to the automatic recognition of faces and movement, we can create scenarios, such as, for example, to turn on the light in the room when we pass next to the camera.

The Welcome can also detect audible alarms, sending a notification and recording everything he sees. The video can be saved on a SD card or through a personal server of the user, giving the access to the FTP.

The camcorder is now compatible with HomeKit, is on offer on Amazon at 169,90€

Netatmo NSC01-EU Welcome, the Smart camera's Wi-Fi for the house with the recognition of Faces, Black, Gold. Price: EUR 169,90

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