The Calisthenics: the union of strength and beauty


Published on May 07, 2020


What is the calisthenics. The Calisthenics is not defined as a simple exercise but as a real art in which use your own body weight as resistance but also to train and develop your body. The word itself is derived from the Italian term calistenico, an adjective that refers to a series of exercises mainly free body or with tools specific to the workout.

A special feature of this training is the fact to combine the activity of aerobic and anaerobic so as to burn quickly calories and fat.

Through Calisthenics, it is possible to improve your body, increasing muscle mass, improving the agility but at the same time acting on their own mental strength, courage and determination.

The various exercises involved in this particular discipline can be carried out both in the gym, at home but especially in the open air, using a few simple tools such as a chin-up bar or the parallel.

A physical feature essential to practice this exercise is a good articular mobility. If, in fact, the muscles and joints are too linked or otherwise allow a movement to be very limited, it is good to start to improve this feature before embarking on the real path, for example, with stretching exercises.

The Calisthenics can be played independently by both men and women, each of which will be assigned a training program appropriate to achieve the objective, and that makes the best use of the varied physical characteristics.

The main exercises of Calisthenics

Within the training program of Calisthenics, the exercises can vary according to the level at which you are located.

In particular, it is a training for beginners until you get to the top level, then expert. Some exercises are:

· Dip on the parallel bars: perform the exercise you must get to the centre of the parallel, place your hands on them, and descend gradually until the humerus reaches 90°, always keeping the feet detached from the ground.

· Chin-ups at the barre: there are Two techniques that you can use: to grip pronated (pull-up) or a reverse grip (chin up). The exercise consists in clinging with the hands to the bar and, using all the strength of his arms, you have to take it to the chest and then back down, and never place your feet on the ground.

· Push-ups (or pushups): an exercise in free body that has the objective of enhancing in particular the upper limbs, i.e. arms and shoulders. In addition, however, it affects the entire musculature of the body. The position to be taken is with the hands placed flat on the ground with a width equal to or slightly greater than that of the shoulders, the avampiedi lying on the ground, legs slightly apart, the head and the pelvis on the same line and your gaze should be towards the floor, in the center of the hands. After placing the body in the correct way, bring it closer to the floor then return to the starting position.

· Plank: with your elbows placed on the floor to 90°, the body forms a straight line, with long legs resting on the tips of the feet, the head and neck should remain straight with the body. The muscles and abs that the glutes must be contracted during the whole exercise, where you will have to keep always in the same position for the stipulated time. The plank involves the muscles of the back, buttocks, and shoulders.

· Front lever: that is done by a so-called lat pulldown and stretching your arms, always keeping the body parallel to the ground, with the front facing down. The exercise can be carried out on the rail used for the traction, or on the rings.

· The flag of the human (or humang flag): that is done by gripping with the hands on a pole and keeping a horizontal position just like a flag. It allows you to develop the abdominals and the muscles of the upper body.

Calesthnics and the muscles involved

The Calesthenics allows you to train with a few simple exercises the whole body, developing especially the muscular and reducing the fat, so as to define each part of the person who performs the workout in the perfect way. In particular, the muscles that are affected are:

triceps and shoulders in exercises such as flor dip;
biceps, quadriceps and abdominals, as the dip on the parallel bars
the pectoral, in the dip bars and plymetrics
In general, however, each exercise allows you to develop each muscle of the body, in particular, by giving them elasticity and strength, through the use of tools and the tools really simple to use and easy to find.

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