The Cachet of Heather Parisi Friends 17 too overpriced? Controversy on the web


Published on Apr 19, 2018


Latest news on the world of Friends 17. We could almost say: you have to pay you the cachet of Heather Parisi? Because judging by the comments on social media, it almost seems that Maria de Filippi has asked the audience to take up a collection to pay for the show girl. Nothing of all this, of course, saw that Maria De Filippi always, with his company, the Charm is funding its programs. Yet there are dozens and dozens of criticism after rumors that reveal what should be the cachet of a show girl.

What would be then the compensation of the Parisi for his role as a judge external to Friends 17? According to the latest rumors, it seems that the Parisi, to give his opinion on the performances of the children who participate in the evening of the Friends receive 50 thousand euro to the stake. Considering that the total bets of the evening are 9, you will understand that the total amount that Heather should cash out would be around 450 thousand euro.

Who has launched this indiscretion on the cachet of Heather Parisi? The news on this come from Dagospia.

Here's what it reads on the note head:

“Hater” Parisi is back in Italy to be part of the external committee of Friends, the showgirl discovered by Pippo Baudo would be accepted only in exchange for certain conditions. Coccolatissima from the Charm of the place: luxury hotel for her and her family, van, hair stylists and makeup artists at their disposal. Not only that, it's rumored that the Parisi could have gotten a cachet star of about 50 thousand euros per episode (for a total of nine appointments). Can it be true?

Is it true or not true we should not concerned much considering that precisely, as we said earlier, the accounts in your pocket should go back to Charm and not to us! One thing is certain: the return of Heather Parisi, also in this case, has not gone unnoticed...

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