The Bug in iMessage that causes unwanted charges: try to fix it with these 5 tips


Published on Dec 15, 2017


Yesterday we reported a problem with the activation of iMessage that is causing the different charges to the users. Operators blame Apple and Apple blame to the operators. No one is providing an official response or a final resolution, but through the various comments and reports, we have learned various pieces of information that we want to share with you, hoping to resolve the matter, at least to a part of the user iSpazio.

The problem of charges occurs because the iPhone tries to send an SMS hidden from international numbering, which is then charged according to your plan (usually 30 cents). The activation is not successful; for where the iPhone sends the message again, together more times its cost.

First of all, know that you have the right to ask for a refund. By calling the operator and explaining the problem you will be refunded the amount that you have spent for these activations do not go to a good end.

We repeat that there is still not a solution, the official and definitive that it can be valid for everyone, here and then here, we report various solutions that have enabled some users iSpazio to solve the problem.

1. Revenue in the Settings > Phone > my number. You will notice that the phone number begins with +39. Try removing the +39, and click Save. Some users iMessage and FaceTime is activated correctly after this change. Other users have solved in the inverse mode, i.e. showing the number without the +39 and have had to add by hand. Try the right system according to your situation.

2. Turned off iMessage and FaceTime. Open the Contacts application and click on the “my tab” at the top. Select your contact or just make sure that there is your number in this card. Enter Settings and activate iMessage and FaceTime verifying if the services are activated correctly or not.

3. Subsidiaries (from the diy of the site operator, or directly via a call to the customer) if it is a lock to numbers international or a block of numbers with charging a premium. If it's on, turn it off because it prevents you from correctly send the sms to the number Apple.

4. Another problem that can be solved only in a way that was “more invasive”, might relate to the numbers coming from the virtual operators. If this is your case, you may be obliged to require the operator main (the one on which it rests, the virtual operator) to obtain a numbering “native”. The absurdity is that you need to change your number but apparently the server only accepts requests coming from operators that are officially supported for the iPhone.

5. Some people (few) have solved the problem by restoring the iPhone, by configuring it as a “New iPhone” and activating iMessage. Then imported the backup and the service remained up and running.

Let us know if you can solve the problem with these 5 “tips”.

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