The brothers Rincione have their Groucho: “don't laugh, but there is a reason”


Published on Oct 15, 2017


To accomplish the same authors of the Ducks, a story about Groucho means to deliver a character made of irony and jokes continue to two persons whose signature style is exactly the opposite. A short circuit of that kind is worthy of attention, so much so that the Grouchino of the brothers Rincione will be one of the most anticipated and certainly the most popular at the next Lucca Comics & Games.

A few days ago, Sergio Bonelli showed you a preview of some pages of the Grouchini (those of Zerocalcare, Maicol & Mirco, Luca Enoch and Riccardo Torti) in the output of Lucca. This is a transaction that provides for the publication of thirteen books, each of which was carried out by different authors, who have worked on small albums 32 pages each, all with the protagonist on the shoulder of Dylan Dog. The books will be collected in a box set renamed Grouchomicon.

During the festival The Streets of the Landscape (held in Cosenza, italy, from 22 to 24 September) Marco and Giulio Rincione have talked about in the preview, in the course of a conference held inside the Museum of Comic of Cosenza, of their Sponsor and the relationship that they have with the comics of Dylan Dog.

To do to be a moderator at the event was the journalist of The Quotidano of the South Andrea Mazzotta, accompanied by Joseph De Nardo, writer of Dylan Dog, in The Streets of the Landscape with the historical publishing house Trumoon.

De Nardo was the first to intervene during the meeting, after the usual and fateful question:"Dylan Dog is a character that adapts to the times and the changes?"

"Of course, is a character flexible that is part of a series of flexible - has declared De Nardo - clearly, it all started by Tiziano Sclavi, the creator of Dylan Dog. But after we passed the phase Chiaverotti, and now, for example, there is Roberto Recchioni as the curator who is giving a vision and the imprint of her own.

A character with a publishing history as "Dylan Dog" - continued – the lives of two phases: the first is one in which the author wants to give an impression of the character, the second is the one in which the character has acquired a solidity that dictate himself at his writing. So is Dylan Dog to indicate to writers and artists how they want to be told."

And while Dylan Dog is the investigator of the Nightmare, Groucho, apparently, is the nightmare of the writers: "I Spent the whole day thinking about how to write his jokes," said De Nardo.

But let's go to the brothers Rincione and their experience on Dylan Dog: "I am a reader of the investigator of the Nightmare since childhood – said Marco and the register output in Lucca was the producer so it was exciting to work on this character. Put hand in Groucho gave me freedom, because the project of the Grouchini, wanted by Recchioni, we want every author to express his stylistic mark on the character, so there were no special constraints".

Marco Rincione then described how she has benefited from the most difficult part of his work on the register: "I tried to write a joke of Groucho marx:" but there I lost two days and I realized that if my Groucho was not a laugh there was a reason".

Giulio Rincione instead, the issue has drawn, and he on Dylan Dog before this Grouchino had already had an experience: "I designed a story out on a Color Fest. Groucho marx showed, is not simply a shoulder, is a key character. The stretch my and Marco is very dark and depressed so it will be a Groucho who do not ride".

Giulio Rincione-over, Dylan Dog has had experience with the Sergio Bonelli is on Orphans and on 4Hoods (which will be released in preview at Lucca):"I have a design style is the opposite to that bonelliano and I have wanted to own for this. When I tried to should be more moderate a little bit scolded me".

The eruption of a “Groucho” during the conference

During the conference, was asked to Rincione if you have the fear of receiving negative reactions from fans of Dylan Dog in their Grouchino. Julius responded: "There spaventerebbe indifference, we believe that our history or may not like very much or not at all."

And on the possibility that Mark can write his story on the series of Dylan Dog, the answer was: "I'd love to, I would like to study the psyche of the character, or maybe follow the canons bonelli of writing a story to see if I am able".

And after the various revolutions, proposed in three decades in the life of Dylan Dog the arrival of the brothers Rincione could lay the foundations for yet another revolution: "I Believe that Dylan Dog is coming to a turning point – said Giulio – me and Marco we are a yet another turning point on the stylistic and the content of the character that will lead to a settlement.

This is because, he continued, Dylan Dog always has to shock and innovate, and when the player gets accustomed to the pace of the new stories you have to shake it again. And this is what is happening now".

And finally, spurred on by a question, the brothers Rincione have given their opinion on the management Recchioni on Dylan Dog: "as a reader I very much enjoyed The New Barbarians, I think his stories have brought newness and freshness to the series – said Marco – Bonelli, there are operations such as the Cico Tito Faraci, or the Martin Mystère color, who are renewing the characters of the publishing house. Each of these things has its pros and cons but I believe that Roberto Recchioni is bringing liveliness and freshness to the series of Dylan Dog".

Giulio instead, he closed by stating very clearly that "if there was Recchioni, with its pursuit of innovation, perhaps I could never draw with Sergio Bonelli".

The brothers Rincione have their Groucho: “don't laugh, but there is a reason” is




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