The breakfast, an injection of sweetness


Published on Nov 29, 2019


The creativity in the kitchen goes hand in hand with a personality that is bubbly and always on the go, made to stay in the company and share the pleasures of life. Among these, there is no doubt also a moment in which the ‘community-the real’ of the family gets together, which is the breakfast. A great little moment that gives the charge and makes a good start to the day.

That's why the sweet know how to interpret this period, everyday: are you an injection of sweetness that is often represented best by a doughnut classic (which is also a perfect dessert). It is just ideal to say ‘good part’ and leave home ready to face all its commitments.

The creation of this dessert is anything but complicated-just follow the directions in the recipe for ciambella classica by Without forgetting that on the international stage have appeared also of delicious challengers that come directly from the United States of America, or the donuts. The latter have without doubt experienced a great global popularity also thanks to the passion of Homer Simpson in the tv series animated by Matt Groening. We are well established Overseas and in the world as an icon of relaxation, the tasty snack and even breakfast.

Although we must not forget that Italy is the Country of the good (indeed very good) the kitchen and the cradle of many of the most popular recipes in the world. That donut makes no difference, and, like all others, is able to tell a story that smells of History with a capital S. It is a simple sweet loved by all, adults and children: nice to see and able to come in a moment of the mouth watering.

Made in the home by mothers caring, aunts and especially grandmothers with wise hands the cake has a delicate perfume which is able to postpone pleasantly back in time. A dessert that is without a doubt a long tradition (and also the snacks from the children at mid-afternoon). There are also a number of variants, the most common of the original recipe, which they plan to add coffee or orange juice into the mixture (so we will have a donut ‘two colours’), or to have a filling of cream or even going to cover the cake with a glaze, type donut american.

The essential and characterizing element of course is the iconic hole in the centre, which is obtained by cooking the cake in a specific mould for the oven. The donut classic tells the story of an ancient peasant tradition, which identified ' with this sweet the joyous days of the feast (from wedding to birthday passing for baptisms). A recipe that has been able to cross the ages, becoming more and more popular, and arrive intact up to us. Around the central hole and its genesis there are many myths and legends, although the most accepted hypothesis (in addition to that of a perfect handle for dipping in coffee) relates to a problem linked to the centre of the cake remains raw: the hole in short, it would be served to a cooking more even. Often originally, the donuts were also hung in the shops in order to be more saleable, and this is yet another theory fascinating.

There is a new trend of a strongly modern and internet concerns, hear our grandmothers. Already, because in a world that is increasingly distracted, and less free time to devote to in-depth study of their own passions, it is important to have a point of reference, that is, yes, virtual but absolutely real as our grandmothers.

Bloom, in fact, more and more platforms which provide video tutorials of recipes of the cuisine where the protagonists are their own, between the secrets and the caring gestures. They greet us with a smile and the apron of the ordinance in their beautiful and spacious kitchens, including a stove and utensils in good order. Ready to teach us what to do and how to do it. The trust that inspire, gestures that go to memory, is total: that is why the habit to follow the social channels of this type is more and more developed and goes hand-in-hand – especially – with a craving to learn to make the cakes. And this, by definition, is the realm of grandmothers and even a magical world to be discovered. If the grandmothers have become 2.0 then it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work: there really are no more excuses.

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