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Published on Apr 10, 2020


Arrives on time, even if period very special and surreal, The Border Vol. 3 – Heroes don't Cry, the third volume of the mini-series event, sponsored by Sergio Bonelli Editore and closes, ideally, the first phase of the narrative.

In the excellent Volume 2 – our review HERE – we had just arrived at a turning point from the contours decidedly esoteric. Laura Teeth, an Interpol agent that specializes in finding missing persons, and Antoine Jacob, the best connoisseur of the mountains between France and Italy, had succeeded with a little luck, finally found a new clue to track down the students disappeared.

The driver, found in obvious confusion, she began to scribble on one of the walls of the hospital. Scribbles that Jacob had played with a rough map to a remote place in the mountains home to the ruins of ancient.

Joint effort there, Jacob had been the victim of an event: a distortion of space and time perhaps, something, however, that in addition to assault him physically had also changed the geography of the place.

But The Heroes don't Cry not again right here, preferring instead a long sequence in analessi which brings us back to the end of the First World War, we are in an undefined moment of 1918.

Enrico and a group of his fellow soldiers find refuge in a charming village nestled in the Alps. Their stories from the front, cause and eat and the admiration of the villagers, especially that of a boy, a cripple of the name Aurelius, and that of Mary, Henry sees the opportunity for redemption and the possibility of a happy life far away from there. Because the country is a cursed place. Under the mountain troubled by the dark forces, where live those who are called “the Marked”: they have seen something that has left its mark for ever, and he has recorded the madness in their meat.

In the present Laura tries to keep a lid on public opinion trying still clues between those who are those guys missing, it is not part of, or is indirectly connected. Meanwhile, Jacob wakes up in the cursed place where to wait, there is another creepy revelation.

The Border Vol. 3 – Heroes don't Cry, may well counted among those episodes called “the passage” and which generally serve to deepen strands side of the narrative, the aspect that neither Mauro Uzzeo neither John Masi decided to leave it to chance once again showing the fascinating layering of the narrative device of the overall mini-series.

If the previous volume drew with full hands from those of the component procedural distinctly television, this third volume recovers some stylistic elements of the tradition of comic horror – even and especially that of bonelli – crafting the sequence in analessi that captures the reader's attention to a focal point of the narrative device, a place, or the mountain.

The two writers choose once again with the great skill of the designer that he must accompany, a choice that falls for this third on the pencil expert, Carlo Ambrosini (Napoleon, Dylan Dog), who is perfectly at ease in reconstructing the events set in the past, in a period that the same designer confesses to love and know very well, while with refinement tinged with black the full story. His trait stylized throws us then in a present in which the two writers add some narrative strands secondary and the point directed towards the unexpected final climax.

The construction of the tables is simple and regular, of a clear matrix of bonelli traditional, showing the clarity of the storytelling of the designer.

Honorable mention for the gorgeous and evocative cover by LRNZ, Lorenzo Ceccotti.

As always impeccable care carto-technical volume packaged by the Publisher Sergio Bonelli, and it is known once again to the rich apparatus of the editorial in which the authors range in telling the behind the scenes of the production of the series with particular reference in this volume to the complex, and not obvious, the narrative at multiple levels of the series.

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