The Border: the first series event Sergio Bonelli


Published on Oct 24, 2019


In the preview at Lucca Comics & Games 2019, will be presented the first two volumes of the new standby series-event Sergio Bonelli Editore. Created and written by Mauro Uzzeo and Giovanni Masi and produced by a cast of design star, The Border is a new narrative universe signed Sergio Bonelli and thought to become a television series, a role-playing game, a novel.

Thriller by dreamlike atmospheres and morbid, in which nothing is what it seems, and the thin line between good and evil becomes ever more blurred to disappear completely, The Border leads you into a small village on the border between Italy and France, where the bus carrying a class of teenagers on a school trip, disappears suddenly and never get to your destination. On the trail of the boys, two detectives: Laura Teeth, an Interpol agent that specializes in finding missing persons, and Antoine Jacob, the best connoisseur of the mountains, retired in the woods to not have to have more to do with human beings. A woman and a man who crossed the border that no one should ever overcome, will be forced to unite their forces and deal with the consequences of all of their past mistakes.

Inside The Border, the first volume of which is designed by Giuseppe Palumbo, are contained all the passions that unite Uzzeo and Masi: the chorus of bizarre and post-modern Twin Peaks, the stratification labyrinth of the Lost, the restlessness of the visionary literature lovecraftiana, combined to create a product with a strong identity. All the characters in the story, showing the very essence little by little, and also the ones that seem to appeared of little account in will soon prove to be fundamental for the story. The two absolute protagonists on the trail of the guys missing are, however, Laura's Teeth and Antoine Jacob. Two character little accustomed to respect the rules and impositions. Laura is earthly, material, a wounded animal, angry and more than ever tied to the concrete world: save those kids is his only obsession, that wears and the incattivisce. A warrior fragile, wearing heavy clothes like a suit of armor. But no armor can protect you from the inner demons. Antoine, however, is an individual ascetic and inscrutable. No armor for him. It is not in his interest to track down the boys, his intention focuses on another part of the mystery: he wants to understand why there, on the mountains on the Border, the reality is cracked, because the time has stopped flowing properly and the nightmares are pouring out in reality.

Uzzeo and Masi will present the multi-media project on Thursday 31 October at 14:00 at the Auditorium in the panel is the public entitled “The great mosaic-media of The Border“, with Michele Masiero, Mauro Uzzeo and John Masi, special guest Dario Moccia.

After the presentation in preview at the fair, the first three volumes of The Border will come out in the library and the comic store starting in November, the regular every two months.


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