The Bologna Children's Book Fair: all the news of the edition 2020


Published on Oct 13, 2019


As you may have read on our article about the edition 2019 of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, this event really left us many good impressions and positivity. But it seems that the next year will be even better, if possible, with lots of interesting news.

The first, and perhaps one of the most important news, will be that of the new exhibition area Comics Corner, with which BCBF 2020 welcome to the comics and the graphic novel, one of the segments of the publishing sector with the fastest rate of growth in the children's publishing is taking a position more and more relevant.

In the Comics Corner will be presented in the books of the publishers already present at the fair, as well as publishers who have never participated in BCBF. This space will offer a great showcase of the titles of the publishers participating in the Corner and a digital catalog of content-rich books in the exhibition and on the production of the publishers. To expose in the Corner does not need to be present at the fair, but who will find tables available to meet with operators.

As we said, Comics and graphic novels represent one of the segments of the publishing sector with the fastest rate of growth. A growing number of publishers to publish books in these formats, creating necklaces or simply by entering each year, a number of titles, many of which have become best-sellers in their respective catalogs to enrich the overall offer. Some countries can boast a long tradition with regard to comics and graphic novels, while others are still at the beginning. In many part of this new and vibrant landscape, where the comic is taking a significant position in the world of children's publishing. For that reason, the BCBF will be launching a new space dedicated to this exciting means of communication.

To launch the collection of Comics Corner, there will be a cocktail party on the first day of the opening of the fair. The interest of the BCBF for the comics, also features a debate on the translation at the Café Translators, a panel on the art of comics at the Illustrators Survival Corner and a meeting on the activities related to the publication of the comics at the Café Authors.

The Ragazzi Award comes this year in its 55th edition, and has two beautiful new. Next to the conventional sections of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and First Work and the special award of the jury New Horizons, BRAW 2020 proposes the new categories Comics and Cinema.

Aimed at highlighting the excellence in the world of the illustrated book, the Ragazzi Award-BRAW represents more than fifty years one of the most coveted international awards for the children's publishing world. The quality of graphic design-editorial, its innovative strength, balance, and ability to dialogue with the young readers are the parameters of judgment are the most relevant in the allocation of the prize that is reserved only for exhibitors of the Fair.

The BRAW is one of the most important stepping stones in the world, thanks to the attention given to the winners from all of the media and by the thousands of experts each year at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. In fact, the Ragazzi Award is not only recognition at the editorial level, but a great business opportunity in the international market of the exchange copyright. To win this award, or win one of the honorable mentions, allows you to bring your publication to the attention of the publishing world.

There are four main categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Opera prima (for the authors and illustrators-beginners) and from this year, Comics. BCBF introduces this new permanent category, which is divided into 3 sections: Early Reader (which includes books intended for children aged 6 to 9 years), Middle Grade (composed of the books for readers aged 9 to 12 years), and Young Adult (aimed at young people from 13 years old).

Instead it will be the Cinema-a special category 2020; in the 100° anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini, the story, the characters, the techniques of the seventh art will be the focus of reconnaissance international-Ragazzi Award; it will be addressed the theme and will be unveiled in the great work of the many publishing houses for the boys, at the global level, publish stories that are always the most compelling on film, thus enabling the new generations to develop a love for the secret magic of the world of the film.

After the two-year project dedicated to books about Art, Architecture and Design, the BRAW opens the doors to the Seventh Art, in order to intercept the international assets of children's books that tell the different aspects of the world of Cinema: the history, technique, to his unforgettable protagonists.

This is the form of language, modern and already a classic, it is an indispensable part of the education of the young generations. Like a good book, a good movie, puts down roots and promises good fruit to nourish the Imagination.

Re-appropriating cultural traditions through cinema is an exercise that many young people can do: rediscover the great japanese cinema, the new visions of asian, revisit the classics of hollywood, the neorelisno Italian, German cinema. And helping a generation to become cinephiles, as were the French Nouvelle Vague, proposing stories of the movies in the books is what you seem to want to make editors for the guys in the world.

Returns, in an updated version, the Ragazzi Digital Award, which recognises the most innovative apps and the best online product designed for younger audiences.

This year has established a single “Grand Prize” (in addition to the special mentions) for all kids media, the candidates, without distinction of categories.

Since 2012, the prize, organised in collaboration with the Children's Technology Review, is a point of reference for all of the latest trends in the field of digital content for children, both in the field of entertainment education.

The fields of action in which the book traditional meets digital are themes of the highest floor of the Ragazzi Digital Award where the contents of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), they give space to the securities in which paper and digital come together to expand the reading experience.

The Ragazzi Digital Award is addressed to all the publishers and developers of digital products for children and teens, from 0 to 15 years of age, taking into consideration the digital projects of all types.

Is expected next week the official launch of the new image, the new site of BCBF and a meeting with Rasa at the frankfurt book fair, Frankfurt Friday, 18 October, where speakers: Elena Sanders (Bologna Children's Book Fair), Ruta Nanartaviciute (Lithuanian Culture Institute) and Rasa Janciauskaite, illustrator. The meeting is the responsibility of the Bologna Children's Book Fair in collaboration with the Italian cultural Institutes of Cologne and Berlin, and the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

Is the Lithuanian Rasa Janciauskaite the illustrator who created the visual identity of BCBF 2020, under the creative direction of the graphic design studio Chialab.

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