The Blunder of Ilary Blasi al GF VIP that becomes the trend topic on Twitter (VIDEO)


Published on Nov 09, 2018


What will never be said of so outrageous Ilary Blasi in the ninth episode of Big Brother Vip: November 8, 2018 deserving of the first places in the trends-social-Twitter? The conductor roman and gave me a super gaffe did not go unnoticed even in the Big Brother house, indeed. Despite the hour, he had already made “na certain” to say it as he would have said the host, Ilary gave one of his pearls. This time, however, it was not one of the jokes that the presenter is usually without hairs on the tongue, but a word spoken in the place of another.

The presenter was explaining that even in the episode of Thursday, there would be no nominations, and that there would be challenges between couples, who then would have declared the nominees with the usual mechanism already seen in past episodes. He was then to announce the duel, but something went wrong and the word duel has turned into a “durello”.

Vip! We arrived at the last challenge. It will be a du*ello very soon in the pool.

Of course the vip in the house have heard it all, and have started smiling, and proclaiming choirs for Ilary. “Ilary a of us,” and so on, just as we were at the stadium in fact. The presenter the other hand, has been able to restrain himself, at least in the first few minutes and was vented in a big laugh. Alfonso Signorini is thrown into this magma of double meaning and said: I'm Sorry, Ilary! I want to throw a hashtag in your honor: #ilgrandedu*ello. From big brother to big durello

And here's the video of this memorable moment, a pity that the Gialappas is now weeks live, it would be very interesting to see how they would have played on this gaffe:


A slip of the tongue really #good for Ilary Blasi. 🙊 #GFVip

— ) Italian TV (@TV_Italiana) 8 November 2018

The people of the social, that he hates and loves Big Brother Vip took to the letter the words of Alfonso Signorini, dedicating to the conductive romantic phrases that will remain in the history of Gf VIP.

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