The blame game-Big Brother Vip 3: Francesco Monte accused be touchy, the Giorgio to be fake


Published on Oct 11, 2018


To stir a bit the waters in the house of Big Brother Vip 3 since it happens very little, the authors have decided to invite the competitors to make a game, the game of criticism. Anonymous competitors have written phrases, that is critical for their playmates. Is there anyone who has good grip, despite having received a lot of critical important, and some less. One thing is certain: after the game there were several discussions and comparisons, and perhaps it was this that Big Brother wanted.

Francesco Monte, for example, has been accused of being too touchy, and apparently his fellow travelers have reason seen that, at the end of the game, the guy is vented with Silvia, not really understanding some of the criticisms addressed to him. Walter was accused by his teammates of being too diplomatic, never to take a position but probably, the good wise Bare, that has at its back a victory to the Island of the famous, knows how to behave in these occasions. Among the critical most significant were those made by Eleonora Giorgi. Apparently in the Big Brother house, not everyone thinks that the actress is really as it seems on the contrary.

The Giorgi had read the criticisms of her: “Stop complaining and live better”. “You're a fake good we got it”. “Punzecchi with malice, and then the smiley face good to pretend that it was not a good thing.”


Probably some of this criticism coming from the marchesa that, while Giorgi was reading, laughing under his moustache.

A lot of criticism also for Enrico Silvestrin that, however, seems to take it well. “You're too touchy and negative, try to have more lightness.”“Are you aggressive and machiavellian, get calmed down”. “You're too ambiguous and not very flexible”.

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