The Black widow: Emma Watson will the villain of the film with Scarlett Johansson?


Published on Mar 06, 2019


The production of the stand-alone Black Widow is entering in his heart and, as a result, they begin to circulate the first names of the cast members that will go to support Scarlett Johansson: according to what reported by That Hashtag Show, Emma Watson, Alice Englert, Dar Zuzovsky and Florence Pugh would have made of the hearings with the Marvel Studios, doing it all with a good impression.

The favorite seems to be the former interpreter of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, even if the situation is at the moment uncertain, as well as details about the alleged role for which actresses are nominated according to previous reports, we would be speaking of a “spaccac**James Bond”, a role which surely requires some physical skills. For sure, if Emma Watson gets to really be in the cast of the film, it would lift considerably the level of the cast and would go on to form, along with Johansson, a duo.

In a previous interview with Comicbook, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has denied those rumor that they wanted someone of the next few Marvel movies (with the suspect number one stand-alone Black Widow) is forbidden to minors.

“Can be denied all of the entries, a thing we never thought of,” says Feige “Just someone who writes ‘I have heard that it will be forbidden to minors!’ and all in their turn, think of this, but the film Black Widow will not be prohibited to minors”.

In the meantime, the film begins more and more to take shape: according to what reported by ThatHashtagShow, Marvel is reportedly looking for an actor of any ethnicity in the 40 years to interpret the villain of the film, without more details for the character in addition to the adjective “exciting”. For other supporting characters in the Black Widow instead, you would be looking for a man and a woman between 20 and 30 years, with the man of the ethnicity of african, middle eastern or indian, and with the female character described as a “spaccac**” and “female James Bond”.

Via Production Weekly also, it would seem to be revealed the first synopsis for the film focused on the past of Natasha Romanoff.

“Entrusted from birth to the KGB with the intent to become a member of the soviet secret services Natasha Romaff, also known as Black Widow, is after the fall of the USSR to work freelance in New York, where the government tries to kill it.”

The synopsis seems to confirm, therefore, the setting in the pre-MCU, fifteen years after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Director of the film, there will be Cate Shortland, known for having directed the Berlin Syndrome and Somersault and that will be the first woman to direct a film of Marvel Studios, following in the footsteps of Anna Boden, the co-director of Captain Marvel. The other names in the list were those of Amma Asante (Belle), Maggie Betts (Noviate), Melanie Laurent (Galveston) and Kimberly Pierce (Boys Do not Cry), and Marvel that he would meet 70 to 75 directors for this project. The film will be written by screenwriter Jac Schaeffer, and should also include the Soldier of the Winter.

Is not yet announced a release date, that will be fixed probably in 2020.

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