The Black Corsair: the best torrent tracker italiano!

Published on Jan 14, 2018

The Black Corsair is one of the sources of the torrent of the Italian most appreciated, we have already mentioned in our post dedicated to the torrent local.

Given its success and its importance, deserves attention.

The torrents are one of the most used methods for downloading and sharing files, for this we already talked about it and explained how to use it in a dedicated guide.

The Black Corsair is probably the best search engine for torrent Italian, is always rich with new material and up-to-date.

So absolutely simple, reached the site, there are confronted with the following interface (it is pretty much the same from about ten years). In the interface there is in the upper right a convenient search bar, allowing you to easily find the content that interests you.

Also interesting is the division into categories, that helps you see the latest release, and to find the material that interests us:

If when you click open in the pop-up, you should use an extension to completely block the advertising as uBlock.

Download a torrent from the Pirate is absolutely simple, that is, the method I prefer is to click on the title of the torrents that I'm interested in and then click on the small icon shaped magnet to obtain the magnet link.

The answer is No, the site is accessible and running, it is blocked for some by the operators block DNS). If when you try to go on the Corsair the browser gives you the following screen, you are among the blocked users.

Never fear, you can work around the blocking DNS in a really simple changing the DNS of your operator with the ones provided by Google.

And’ a few steps, we have described in detail in the dedicated post.

Once replaced, the site will be accessible at the usual address.

If you can reach the site from Google you may have the screen of the website is not secure, the reason for this warning is that the site does not have an https certificate that is reliable and has a text field (search). You can reach the site without problems by clicking on Advanced and Proceed on (not sure).

A safe and rapid way to get on any blocked site and to download torrent in security is the use of a VPN, of these services for the constitution encrypt the traffic and whether they are reliable is completely concealed your identity in the network. We examined the utility of VPN for those who download often via torrent.

For a simple reason, along with much free material on the engine there is also a lot of material covered by copyright. The sharing of this material as you'll certainly constitutes a criminal offence, then the site has been blocked on the basis of regulation by the anti-piracy of the NRA, 31 march 2014.

Change the DNS it is not in itself an offence, it is the right of anyone to be able to use the Google DNS that are also normally more rapid than those of the operators.

The fact remains that if you download and share pirated material, you have to be aware that you are committing a criminal offence and can be prosecuted.

The well-known portal for download torrent highly recommend a VPN to protect your privacy.

The reason is simple, now those who download should be aware that the torrent protocol is vulnerable, and then downloading and sharing is potentially exposing your IP and your identity.

Then everywhere now when it comes to torrent we also talk about VPN, since these will allow you to hide your traffic (the connection is encrypted and your identity.

We have in-depth what are the advantages of using a VPN with torrents and how to configure it.

Three excellent quick services that work very well with torrent and are particularly cheap and safe are: NordVPN (review), PureVPN (review) and IPVanish (review).

The Black Corsair is the best search engine torrent in Italian, the alternatives are the sources of the torrents that contain a large amount of material in our language.

We have already dedicated a study to the theme that we invite you to refer to.

In short the best sites from where you can find torrent in Italian:

On international sites such as the last three entries in this short list there are only the contents in our language, in fact quite the opposite. To find material on these portals, in the study, we will write “eng” after each content for which to search.

Our in-depth study on the Black Corsair is over, let us know with a comment if you have any further questions and if you appreciate the well-known portal.

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