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Published on Oct 25, 2018


Lucia, you absolutely need to watch JoJo, you who love so much One Piece!

With these words, repeated at intervals of time more or less regular, I was convinced to give a chance to an anime that I knew only from hearsay and I never knew more or less nothing, apart from the fact that there are “superpowers” called “Stand”.

Even though I started to follow The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo only by a few months, what I've seen, I was literally shocked to the structure of the story, a story of generations that follows the adventures of the family Joestar in the course of the years divided in the sagas connected with one another, but at the same time self-standing, the fight scenes ultraserrate, the graphic style, powers, absurd of the Stands, the thousands of references to the world of fashion and music and, in general, any thing that represents this absolute masterpiece has been designed to make The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo a work absolutely unique, for this, has been, and still continues to be one of the points of reference for the mangaka the most diverse, thanks to its unique blend of action, humor and graphic style in constant evolution.

The greatness of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo lies in the fact that, still today, a work that is incredibly current, modern, fresh and original, although you can catch many elements taken later by different authors and although it has been many years now since he made his appearance for the first time on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, as far back as 1987.

Among the many features of this work of art that are his hallmarks, one of the ones that stands out most in the eyes are undoubtedly the ones which by now are universally known as the “Jojo's Poses”, “Poses JoJo”: artistically apprezzabilissime and almost always unnatural, Poses JoJo affect the collective imagination, to the point of driving so many fans of the work of Hirohiko Araki to want to try to reproduce them.

As they may be bizarre, however, the Poses in JoJo are not entirely the fruit of imagination of Araki, but are strongly inspired to be in a dominant position in the world of fashion, playing in a very faithful some of the “poses” of the models, which have appeared in various magazines.

The way in which these poses fit perfectly with the graphical style of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, then, it has also led to a collaboration between the same Hiroiho Araki and the well-known fashion house Gucci, not to mention the Jojo's Posing Academy and of the famous personalities that enjoyed to pose in some photos just like our JoJo.

In this article, we will analyze what have been the sources of inspiration for the creation of one of the major hallmarks of the work of the most famous, influential and bizarre of the great Master Hirohiko Araki.

4. Fashion, fashion, fashion, fashion, fashion!

If the names of his characters and Stand Araki draws huge inspiration from the world of music, but the clothing and the poses the author has chosen to make use of the help of a world seemingly very far away from the one they belong to the shonen fighting. And yet, the unmistakable style of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo is one of the trademarks of the most original and distinctive features of this gigantic work of art.

To the extent, in fact, the Poses of the JoJo's are not entirely the result of only the imagination of the Master Hirohiko Araki, the way in which they are employed, and the resulting effect almost alienating of the same. But what are the sources of inspiration for the Poses of JoJo? As I mentioned earlier, it is precisely in the world of fashion, because they start again in a manner faithful some of the poses taken by the models on the pages of the magazines of the sector, but placing them in the context of the original, to the point of creating a phenomenon that is characteristic and strongly identifies tables of Araki.

In the gallery below, you will find a rich series of images that show how the poses most typical and famous of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo are, in reality, inspired mainly in the world of fashion:


The Bizarre Poses from JoJo is




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