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Published on Nov 17, 2018


The Maestro Hirohiko Araki has accustomed his fans to his bizarre found already for many years, yet never ceases to amaze them. Those who have already read the manga The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo already knew perfectly what to expect from the episode of the anime aired yesterday, and this was waiting anxiously to see how the animators would have chosen to make the famous “dance”, a short and mind-blowing choreography improvised by Narancia Ghiga, Fugo Pannacotta, and Guido Mista. But we have to proceed to degrees.

Our cone managed to find and identify their attacker thanks to a masterly work of the team. However, it is evident that the man, a thief by the name of Mario Sugar, was not alone: thanks to the extraordinary power of the replay of the Moody Blues, the Stand of Leone Abbacchio, the boys have discovered the presence of an accomplice. But where can you hide? A good way to find out would be to torture the victim, Mario Sugar (there is, however, to say that if you even looked for a little bit), and it is for this reason that a sadistic Guido Mista is going to estorcergli in this way some of the sensitive information. And one of the methods of torture most fun and original that is in the mind of the young as poor school Narancia is to put on a spettaccolino improvised.

The choice of the theme music, of the movements that make up this bizarre and fun and unexpected sequence, and the resulting reactions of Mario Sugar make to perfection the madness hallucinated that characterizes the entire sequence, for the truth is not too extensive, but very impressive. And think so also Mario Zucchero, in the eyes of which generate beams of multicolor light, which help to give the scene an impression of the psychedelic is really fascinating:

The original name of the Stand: the Sex Pistols

The great fantasy of Hirohiko Araki-sama is manifested in this episode even when he finally is shown the bizarre Stand belonging to Guido Mista, a great protagonist of this episode, and probably also of the next, because it is an episode divided into two parts.

Once you have discovered the location of the accomplice, Mario Sugar, there remain only two alternatives: to stay and wait to plan the actions with care (do not know your enemy and the powers of his Stand can be in fact a very serious problem, moreover, fatal), or throw himself to the pursuit of the enemy head on for the good of Bruno Bucciarati, and all others, to be able to take possession of the treasure left by Octopus and to be able to take a further step towards what is the main goal of our GioGio: climb the pyramid of organized crime in Naples to face the seat finally to its summit, like a real gang star.

Of course, the proposal to act before thinking is to Day, but you will not be alone in his attempt to stop the opponent and get their hands on the treasure left by Octopus: with him there will also be Guido Mista and his Sex Pistols, the Stand for which the musical reference in the name requires no explanation whatsoever.

Fundamental in the continuation of history, the intervention of the Sex Pistols will prove to be quite effective, but, as we have already said before, the battle is not concluded in this episode, epr and you only need to wait a week to find out how to evolve the facts.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold is distributed legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 7: here Comes the Sex Pistols – Part one | Review of




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