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Published on Nov 11, 2018


One of the huge advantages of the transposition in the format of the anime and the manga The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo is the most praiseworthy inclusion of an incredible amount of information that is enclosed in a very few minutes: the episode, in fact, opens with a sequence of biographies in a flashback (in the manga, instead, presented below) dedicated to the bearer of the Stand, the name of which is present within the title the same of the bet, i.e. the Lion, Lamb, in which you can see who was first to join the gang, Bruno Bucciarati, and their first meeting.

After the initial theme, the narrative will return in the contemporary world, taking up where it left off in the last episode, which you can find here our review: Lamb and Bucciarati seem to be very sure of the fact that the Stand of Lamb is the most appropriate for exposing the enemy and his Stand, who were able to disappear seemingly into nothing the other members of the gang. The safety of the two is such that even the Day it is convinced that the Lamb will be able to unravel the mystery, and for this I did not hesitate a single moment when he chose to throw himself voluntarily in the arms of the enemy.

Those who follow the anime, but has not (yet) read the manga series created by Araki was waiting with anxiety and curiosity to see the work of the Moody Blues, the rock band, the british group that formed in 1964 the Stand, without which probably the boys would never have been able to understand how to deal with your opponent. And from what we could see, this is the umpteenth found the brilliant and bizarre of our beloved Hirohiko Araki.

Fundamental to the unmasking of the enemy and his Stand will be a collaboration between three legends of the music world rock: Prince, the Rolling Stones and the Moody Blues:

The original name of the Stand: Soft Machine

Another feature typical to many of the characters of JoJo is an intuition out of the ordinary, and Bruno Bucciarati is an evident example. Of the rest, does not occupy a position of prestige and would not be so respected, even by the common people if he was a gangster like all the others: thanks to his ability to focus on the clues left by the Day, and the Lion that leads him to unravel the mystery of where they are hiding his cronies and the singaporean opponent who only wants to take possession of the treasure of the Octopus.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold is distributed legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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