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Published on Jun 29, 2019


The final section of this fifth season of JoJo is proving to be also in the format of the anime masterpiece that is in the original manga, written and illustrated by the great Maestro Hirohiko Araki: in fact, missing only three episodes at the conclusion of the Wind, the Golden mean, and, surprisingly, it has been recently revealed that the thirty-ninth episode will be the lasting record of a, revealing the release date, as you can read in my article about it.

In the episode that aired yesterday, we were able to watch a long series of scenes of action and the elaboration of strategies to combat worthy of Sherlock Holmes, one of the sources of inspiration for Araki, as you can read here.

Before you continue reading, I want to tell you that this article contains some spoilers, one of which is contained in the image bumpers half of the episode, that is my custom to insert in the reviews of JoJo, so if you have not yet seen the episode, you can choose not to continue reading.


Bucciarati and his street urchins badly came to the Coliseum hoping to find an effective way to be able to defeat the Devil. Once you have found the man who had passed them this information, the boys learn that to defeat their devastating enemy, it is necessary that one of them Stands face to be pierced by the Arrow to release his latent potential, transforming it into his version of the Requiem. The circumstances, however, have forced Polnareff to use the Arrow on her Silver Chariot, but not having enough strength to control the Chariot Requiem is now a Stand-sentient to be completely free, and moreover enhanced incredibly by the Arrow. As you will see in the course of the episode, then, the power of Silver Chariot Requiem has another side effect that up to this time had not been shown; I will not tell you what it is, if not that the whole scene is made visually in a very very strong and incisive.

Now, another problem is that a certain Devil doesn't he'll sit with folded hands watching his enemies to take possession of such a powerful tool, and is trying to figure out how to do to be able to put on the hands.

All of this means, however, that what would have had to be a means to defeat the Devil is transformed into an additional problem, because now the opponents have become two. Paradoxically, therefore, at the present time it would seem that the situation was much better and to the advantage of the Bucciarati''s gang when they seemed without no hope of defeating the Devil and his King Crimson.


The way in which is represented the new secondary effect of Silver Chariot Requiem is very reminiscent of what was seen already in the cult film of 1982 directed by that genius that is John Carpenter's The Thing, the horror sci-fi cult that sees between the protagonists, Kurt Russell, and that is focused on an alien creature that can take on the appearance of any living being and changing in so many ways otherwise disgusting.

The visual appearance of the scene, however, is not the only element that made me immediately think about this movie: shortly after, the boys begin to reason, driven by the increasingly thoughtful Day Giovanna, on the place where you can hide the Devil. When Day exposes his theory, here arise the doubt and suspicion in the boys: Devil may hide in any one of them. Exactly as in the masterpiece of Carpenter, everyone begins to suspect everyone else, generating a climate of panic has spread, even if, both in this episode of Wind in the Gold that in the movie the Thing, the protagonist, R. J. MacReady (Kurt Russell)/Day, Joan will propose a system to be able to identify where you hide from the enemy.


Trish is the beginning of the series the primary goal of his father, that he would kill her to cut all the bridges with the past. For now, his priorities may be slightly changed; however, if the Devil can take advantage of an opportunity, a moment of weakness or distraction to be able to attack and maybe to kill you, why not try it?

What, however, the Devil is not taking into account is the strong will of his daughter, that he has taken his own desire to transcend one's own fate and the passing, standing above them, but we will see how to continue this fight so intense in the next installment of Vento Aureo.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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