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Published on Jun 22, 2019


We are now entered in the heart of the narrative of the Wind, the Gold-standard is already the revelation of the Requiem, and who has read the original manga, wonderfully written, and illustrated by the Master Hirohiko Araki knows perfectly well that the narration and the fight scenes which we are about to see represent a climax of epic, not to mention that they are absolutely bizarre and out of any scheme, to further proof, as if proof were needed, of what is peculiar is the style, both graphic and narrative, of this great mangaka.

Before continue reading this article, but I do wish to warn you that, as much as I do not like to put spoilers in my reviews but in this case I see forced to make some exceptions, so if you have not yet seen this episode, I advise you not to proceed further in the reading to avoid any kind of spoiler.


Silver Chariot Requiem has released what is his true potential after his former Carrier, Jean Pierre Polnareff, he pierced with the Arrow. Up to this time we have been able to attend only one of the effects of this latest, bizarre found, but there is more: even if Polnareff has the strength needed to hold off his Stand, which he lost completely control and who separated from him when you hit him with the Arrow-Bearer, and the Stand were united, and it is for this reason that our Stardust Crusader is able to convey to the Chariot with his iron will to protect the Arrow at all costs; as a result, now it's become impossible to touch it for any Carrier to Stand, because now the Arrow has a very efficient self-defense system that not only repels any object that you throw against, but, worse still, prevents any Carrier can touch it, under penalty of a direct attack of the Stand.

A tough row to hoe, in short, but unfortunately for the Bucciarati''s Gang this is certainly not the only problem on the horizon...


We are, as always, in front of an episode really faithful to the original manga, however, they have been made a couple of different choices: view the voltage of the bet, and you chose not to cut it with a drop-curtain for the truth in my opinion a very fun filled by Araki just to break the tension, not to mention that his humor has always characterized his work: this is one of my cartoons favorite (and to tell you the truth, I can't wait to see it animated), in which is shown the very first reaction of the Pistols at the sight of the new stunning body of their Mixed:

Also, when you speak of the disorder of multiple personality in the manga, it is explicitly stated Billy Milligan (1955-2014), whose story has inspired the film in 2016, directed by M. Night Shyamalan Split: Milligan was the first criminal acquitted in the United States for his crimes, because to be incapable of understanding and of wanting, because of his mental pathology, the dissociative identity disorder, which was then recognized as a real disease.

As a result of strong trauma, and very probably also because of a certain inheritance in the transmission of certain mental illnesses to their descendants, after having expressed his first personality four years, at the age of nine, because of the abuse from your stepfather, his mind is fragmented into 24 parts, each of which was a personality totally independent and autonomous from one another, which implies that it has consciousness and awareness of one's own actions only personality is “active” in that moment.

Therefore, for some serious trauma with the mind, and the consciousness of the Devil are broken, giving rise to Double, a personality that is completely independent. The magnitude of Araki is in having made this narrative choice, in such a way as to make it functional to his own narrative and his own world: the Devil and Double are both in the body of Bucciarati, because if it were not so Trish would hear if you were there in the presence of the spirit of his father. But then where the Devil is finished the Devil?


A simple step of a few bullets from the hand of Trish to that of joint children understand that the Devil and his King Crimson must be within a radius of about two meters, the flow rate of this powerful Stand. Unfortunately, however, they only took those few seconds to lose your life to Narancia, the second member of the gang of Bucciarati to lose his life at the hands of the Boss (for now I'm not considering Bruno Bucciarati, but technically was the first among the boys to lose his life).

These sequences were made in a manner very similar to the original paper and are really very touching. But unfortunately, as it was with Lion Lamb, the boys do not even have time to mourn their dead comrades, if you do not want to die them also: the attack of the Devil has already been started.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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