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Published on Jun 15, 2019


Those of you who have already read at least one of my reviews already know that I don't like to do spoilers. However, it is sometimes for me to need to do some exception, and the last episode of Wind in the Gold aired yesterday is one of these exceptions, so if you don't want spoilers, massive, I strongly suggest not to continue reading this article if you have not yet seen the episode. But like, are you still there? seriously, stop it!


We know well what the effects of the extraordinary power of time manipulation, King Crimson, and now we can see it even in the initial theme, which, as often happens in JoJo, once revealed the true power of the enemy is enriched by the inclusion of some key scenes unedited on the inside, and in this specific case, I'm certain that you'll appreciate also a small section recited in perfect Italian:

Also, in the end credits you'll notice the addition, among all the other Stands, also of Silver Chariot Requiem.


From the earliest scenes, it is clear that something is wrong: after strangely fainted after the proximity with the Silver Chariot, which is the state just before pierced by the Arrow, the boys of Bucciarati awaken, but there is something strange.

Having read the manga, I paid immediately attention to a detail that may have escaped those who do not really knew what the Hell to expect, so when the kids start to take on meaning, the tone of voice of their voice actors, which in this case have done a really good job, change: Mixed-has a tone of voice more gentle than usual, while Trish, on the contrary, it seems to be strangely become a little more raw and less refined in different ways; on the other hand, Narancia has a tone more heat and makes different considerations that show a certain degree of reflexivity, that certainly does not belong to him, while the Day seems to be more instinctive and less thoughtful and much more svampito.

When then we see Trish hold skillfully a gun is brought to the hand with a football, becomes all very, very, very much more clear.

Initially, the children themselves do not understand what has happened, but when they find out... I anxiously Waited to see animated some of the scenes I found the most fun ever in the Wind Gold, although my favorite still has to arrive, and the final result really has me killed from laughing! Not to mention the usual how extreme fidelity to the original work of the Master, Hirohiko Araki, denoting a significant effort, and sincere re-propose, in the best way possible to his immense work.

After you finally got to have exchanged the consciousness, there comes another discovery is a really, really intriguing: not only are all able to recall and check their Stand even in another body, because, remember, a Stand comes directly from the soul of its Bearer, but for some reason their powers are enhanced...


But why a Stand should have such power? What it is, how will think of Day, another found of the Devil? But if this were so, what would earn the enemy by reinforcement of the powers of their mortal enemies?

These and other questions will give a response much comprehensive our beloved Jean Pierre Polnareff, whose conscience is now confined to the inside of the turtle Coco Jumbo, whose soul was a little less lucky, because it ended in the body the dying of Polnareff: the last of a long series of sacrificed animals in JoJo.

So, we discover that the new power is wide-ranging exchange of consciences belonging to the renewed and is now free of the Bearer of the Silver Chariot (and also the scenes in which are shown the common citizens who have exchanged body as well with neighboring pets that show us the great sense of humor Haraki-sama), which is only an additional problem for the gangsters, the most fashionable of Naples: already, because the body of Bucciarati still lies unconscious in the ground, and the doubt that it may be the Devil torment the already suffering the minds of the young protagonists of this bizarre story, and, as if that wasn't enough, now they must also contend with a Chariot completely different and out of control to be able to snatch the Arrow and pierce it again another Stand, with the ultimate goal of freeing his true potential and, through it,s defeat the super sexy Devil once and for all.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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