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Published on Jun 08, 2019


It is now clear that both the non-life Bruno Bucciarati this wonderful fifth season of the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo are coming to the end, but anyone who has read the manga knows that the best is yet to come!

In the episode that aired yesterday, our gangsters of the heart, we are getting closer and closer to the entrance of the Colosseum of Rome, the place chosen by their mysterious interlocutor as a meeting point. Bucciarati not have the slightest idea who Jean Pierre Polnareff, but us, the fans of the JoJo we know it, to the point of knowing that his way of helping young people in naples is more than sincere: Polnareff really wants to help the street urchins attack Bucciarati to close once and for all deal with a very dangerous enemy the Devil, and, apparently, the arrow he brought with him should be the key to be able to finally succeed.

The problem now, however, is that, as we already could see in the previous episode, here you can find my review, also a Double has already arrived on site, which is clearly a big, big, big problem, compounded by the fact that the conditions of Bucciarati not make that worse...


Bruno Bucciarati is managed for some time to keep the secret about his condition, also by virtue of the fact that there were no big visible signs that something was wrong. But now the situation is very different: with the passing of time and due to the efforts especially during the last battle, the one with the Dry and its Oasis, the meaning of Bucciarati is gradually and inexorably weakening.

It hurts to see this man so strong and sure of himself now reduced so badly by having to accept the help of a boy even just to cross the road. But there is a problem, and also nice big: the boy, the other is not if not the Double, and this means that even the Devil must be near, - a fact proved also by what is stated Trish, which feels pervaded by a strange and unpleasant sensation, the same that had already tried it in Venice, when he was in the vicinity of his demonic parent.


Finally, after months of waiting and expectations, in this episode it is shown for the first time the true appearance of the Devil! And let me say that is as fascinating as its counterpart original, or the comic.

The devil is ruthless as always, and his King Crimson is not less: being a mirror of the soul of its Bearer, this Stand is also willing to do any thing, even to secure the victory.

However, the Devil does not know for what purpose it could be used the arrow in the hands of Polnareff. When in doubt, better to seize it. In reality, a little taste of her for now, still mysterious power that is given in the last minutes of the episode, but the whole thing still remains confused and unclear. Instead, what is clear is that Polnareff knows perfectly well that the arrow not only has the ability to give a Stand to those who do not succumb to its deadly virus alien, but it also has a second effect, which is much more bizarre and unpredictable.


As ever Polnareff is holding an arrow? How long has it? Where he found? Because he wants to give it to Bucciarati and his? What he knows of her mysterious second power? And who has amputated the limbs and blinded the right eye? All of these questions, you can finally give a definite answer, thanks to a brief, but comprehensive flashback that sees as protagonist, of course, our Jean Pierre Polnareff.

The devil is not an enemy easy to deal with, and our Bearer Stand French knows this all too well. Not the remains, therefore, that to try to save what can be saved by making use of the second function of the arrow. And the end result will leave you some with the mouth open...

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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