The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 31: Green Day and Oasis, Part ii | Review


Published on May 25, 2019


We are nearly at the end: Wind the Gold standard and will consist of 39 episodes, and we are already at the thirty-first. Now, you might think that the big has already seen, and that the latest episodes may add little to the narrative. If you thought so, you sbagliereste big: for our luck, the Wind, the Gold standard will continue to reserve an infinite series of surprises for its fans, of course, everything is concentrated in a few, frantic and bizarre episodes.


The battle with Chocolate and Dry, the two henchmen's most infamous forces of the Boss, the Devil, is particularly complex because of some factors, that in the end lead back to Chocolate: as we already could see in the previous episode, here you can find my review, Chocolate is a physician who, however, takes advantage of the medical science is not to cure the sick, but to use them as guinea pigs for their experiments unhealthy, and the same Services is simply the product of his “studies”.

However, this is only a face of this crazy character... As it has already found on the same Day, usually a Carrier of the Stand requires the brakes to his own power when it may be too dangerous or harming of the innocent. Certainly, it is a definition that is not valid for all, but the point is another: as a Stand is a physical manifestation of the spirit of its Bearer, the fact that Chocolate is equipped with a Stand that strikes indiscriminately and can spread at a speed very fast, killing in just a few seconds anyone who comes into contact with its mold, is a clear demonstration of how much the man you love to cause pain and death, and because he does not have the slightest regard for the lives of others, facts to another further demonstrated by his speeches and by the desire to preserve the video recordings of the last moments of life of its victims, so that they can enjoy the expressions of terror in their eyes while comfortably seated in the living room of the house. Other which Netflix!

But on the other hand, if it had not been an individual very dangerous and difficult to keep under control, the Devil would not have worried so much before asking for the help of his succubus Dry.

Yet, before this episode was hardly conceivable up to that point, the Chocolate would be able to push, even to kill his targets... What you will see, but of which I do not do open mention for not ruining the taste to admire these wonderful scenes with your own eyes, you will understand that it is able to use the results of his experiments also to use his Green Day in a way unique, as a further demonstration of how sadistic and a little masochistic, to the point that the same Day and the Sex Pistols Guido Mista will be caught by surprise. But don't think that George does not have in mind some way to try to emerge victorious, but above all live, in this intense clash, while, remember, Bruno Bucciarati is still busy with Services, but, the rest, not suffering the effects of the mold of Green Day was the only one who could fight against an enemy that moves underground, then down.

The fight will continue in the next installment. However, the episode ends with a close-up of the mysterious man who has the mandate to call the Day and his companions in Rome because in possession of some vital information to be able to finally defeat the Devil. You will discover, however, who it is and how it will end up with Dry and Chocolate next week.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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