The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 30: Green Day and Oasis | Review


Published on May 18, 2019


Really a great episode that aired yesterday, in which you will finally have the great opportunity to discover what really happened to our beloved Bruno Bucciarati while he and his street urchins badly you were still in Venice. But first, enjoy the first part of the confrontation with Chocolate and his Green Day and of his faithful companion Services, assisted by the Oasis, her bizarre Stand.


In the previous installment of JoJo, here you can find my review, we were able to discover how it works of Green Day, while this time will also be shown and, above all, the power of the Oasis. Of course, I'll leave you to discover what it is, but I can anticipate that, as the will notice the same guys during the battle, the powers of Chocolate and Services integrate and complement each other in a way that up to this time, wholly new, a demonstration of the feeling and understanding that reigns between the former medical the murderer and one of his experiments, certainly the most successful, among the many!

To Bucciarati and his fight against them is very risky, since, because of the conditions of activation of Green Day, can only continue to the top, worth a massive attack on the part of the mold deadly Chocolate. Unfortunately for them, however, complicit in, and above all, the ability to Dry, this will not always be possible. In a situation of danger like this, get out of it alive seems really impossible, but perhaps the solution may be, for a change, in the hands of that great cool Bruno Bucciarati.


In the course of the last part of the Wind, the Gold-standard of the companions of Bucciarati have noticed a number of oddities seemingly inexplicable that precisely relate to their charismatic and fashionable-in-chief: the Day he had noticed, in that of Venice, that his boss had not lost even a drop of blood, after having pierced the hand with a nail, not to mention that for a sensitive girl like Trish was possible to note one other detail that seems to elude the others: Bucciarati is incredibly cold, detached, and impassive. What will be happened?

This question if the places also the Day, especially after I noticed that, during the fight, Bucciarati was wounded very severely in the right hand, but it seems to not care at all: another important detail as bizarre, but it will be the same Bruno to dissipate any kind of doubt in the mind of George, and of the spectators.

Also in this case, I won't go into details, but just know that it is an excellent narrative device, that will be the only key able to unlock a situation so thorny; in short, without... whatever it is, the clash, Oasis and Green Day would have an outcome decidedly different. Without Bruno Bucciarati, his unquestionable courage, his skill in combat, his skills of analysis, its spirit of sacrifice and her hair to scream, it would have been probably impossible for anyone to get out alive from a fight really gripping and unpredictable outcomes.

This exciting section of the Wind, the Gold-standard is not yet come to an end, so all that remains is to wait with the usual trepidation for the next episode!

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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