The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 27: King Crimson against the Metal | Review


Published on Apr 20, 2019


The last fight of the Wind, the Gold standard contains within it all those elements which are unique and unique is what makes it so original (and current) style of narration and the unfolding of the fighting in The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, to the point that we could almost consider it as an artistic manifesto.


Anyone who knows JoJo knows very well already that the power on the card one Stand do not necessarily determine success in battle: what matters most in this particular series of shonen fighting is, in fact, the disproportionate use of ingenuity on the part of the Carriers of the Stand, thanks to which it is often possible to emerge victorious from the battles, the outcome of which seems to be taken for granted.

In this specific case, during the vision of the incredible episode is the object of the analysis you can see how many different ways Black Risotto uses the bizarre power of his Metal, a Stand that can create metal objects directly within the body of his opponent. Inevitable also in this case, the parallelism with the One Piece, focused on the multiple uses of a single power (think, for example, to Luffy, thanks to his body made of rubber can be transformed into a myriad of different ways, using, therefore, also attacks a very wide range between them). As a skilled puppeteer, Risotto manages to control his Stand in a way that put in serious difficulty the mysterious Double.

The original name of the Stand: Metal

With regard to the schizophrenic opponent of Risotto, Double, we already know that his Boss has granted him the privilege to use a part of the immense power of King Crimson, but it will be enough to guarantee him victory and survival in combat against an opponent so formidable and using its Stand in a manner so masterly? Undoubtedly will be of huge support to a particular characteristic of King Crimson, linked to the Haki of the Intuition, to make a further parallel with the world created by His Majesty Eiichirō Oda.

The problem for both of the Stands on the field of battle, however, is the fact that both are short-range, which means that you need to get very close to your target to be able to hit with power. But it is a calculated risk by all and two, even if it seems that Risotto definitely has a lot more familiarity and experience in fights of this type, demonstrating knowledge of an expert in every single facet of his multi-faceted Metal.


Black Risotto is not really a newcomer: this is the head of the Team Running, the other section as a dissident gang, mafia and the neapolitan Passion, the summit of which sits firmly a Boss whose identity is no human being in the world seems to be aware of. Tired of being a simple stooge of a Godfather ruthless and inhuman, the guys on the Team Performances will thus decide to rebel to this situation of mere subjection, planning to make it out of the Boss, exactly as Bruno Bucciarati, and his, which, as we well know, have already settled virtually all members of the team. All except for one: Risotto Nero.

Finally, then, you can see the work of this skilled Bearer to Stand but his opponent is not any one, indeed, we could say that the Carrier of the Metal you are finding to deal with not one, but two enemies, if we consider the fact that the two personalities coexist inside the body Double are autonomous with respect to one another: being able to count on the two brains, Double the can put in place strategies to combat diverse, unpredictable and unsettling, even for an assassin, experienced as well as Risotto, for which the fight is made even more complex by the confusion generated by the bizarre attitudes of the Double, which still fails to understand the true identity and real potential.

The battle itself is, in addition to a dynamic and visually more satisfying thanks to the masterful work of David Production, sheds light on all the amazing qualities of fighters and strategists of these two (or maybe it would be better to say three?) guys.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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