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Published on Apr 13, 2019


According to what we have seen up to this moment, the track provided by Trish (mindful of the words of his mother) that has been suggested to Bucciarati and his street urchins badly to go to Sardinia to try some of the tracks that finally will lead them to the discovery of the true identity of the Boss, is proving to be very, very, very valid: if this is not the case, the Boss would not have taken the important decision to take care personally of a matter so delicate. Also, in the previous episode of Wind in the Gold (which you can find here my review), the ruthless Bringer of the terrifying King Crimson had openly expressed particular anxiety at the thought that so much Trish as Leone could arrive in the specific place shown in the photograph in question: if the Lion would activate the Mody Blues in that place, he will find that to take that picture it was him!

Therefore, the Boss is going to get in on the action: but what has devised to thwart the plans of that section of the people's Passion that threatens to blow his cover, whatever it is?


I don't like particularly to mention explicitly some fundamental details in my reviews because I know how much they can hit hard the spoilers, not revealing who he is the double, but I can give you some clue: if you ever played the masterpiece that is Deadly Premonition (seriously, guys, if you don't get this sarcastic and insane survival horror, you won't regret it), you have to know that Double is suffering from a kind of bizarre noise that reminded me a bit of the protagonist of Deadly Premonition.

It is a found to be really original and delicious that adds a pinch of pepper and unpredictability to the narrative of this section of the story.


But there is another character, which we had already seen briefly above, in the footsteps of our beloved Boss: this is Risotto, the man at the head of the Team Runs, the other section of the people's Passion, and whose other components have already been thoroughly beaten to death by our stylish mafiosos in the grass. Araki, to tell the truth, often forget on the way the explanations of some details, in this case could not forget a character like Risotto, and his Stand, needless to say, is extremely bizarre. Also in this case, no spoilers, but know that there is a reason for which this Stands is called Metal!

The still mysterious Boss will therefore have to contend not only with the gang of Bucciarati almost complete (we don't have news yet on Fugo, is the most talked about since the last time we saw him, from the moment in which the guy has decided not to follow Bucciarati, and others in insane plan to get at the heels of the Boss beforehand), but even with this new opponent, Risotto Nero, the power of which you will have a little taste towards the end of the episode; and already from this first approach you will discover not only that Risotto uses the intellect in a strategic way, and the deductive, just as you would expect from a good Carrier of the Stand, but also that the boy does not go there as much for the slim: its amazing capability is in fact shown in a rather bloody and gory, which makes hope very well, with regard to the carrying out of this new confrontation. But to find out what they have in store for the Boss and Risotto for one another, we'll have to wait a week.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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