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Published on Apr 07, 2019


The certainty of life are two: the death and the fact that JoJo is a masterpiece of the sublime which never disappoints. The basting of the fighting between Stand woven by the Master Araki amazes its fans in ways that are always different and bizarre. In this case, we are faced with the conclusion of the fight against the Stand of the Immortal (because already dead) Notorious B. I. G., who in the previous episode of Wind in the Gold (of which you can find here my review) was giving a hard time to the beautiful Trish. We already knew that the girl was equipped with a Stand, but up to this moment of extreme danger to its Bearer, it was never shown. Not even to her.


Those who have lived the glorious years of the ’90's like me, but also a lot of people born in the following years, they know exactly who they are, the Spice Girls, the british band composed of the sun, the girls formed in 1994, and revenue from then on in the collective imagination. As it will tell you the same as Trish, referring to the name of his Stand, thanks to its bizarre power is “the spice really special”.

The girl finds herself enmeshed in a situation that seems to have no escape route: the Notorious B. I. G. follow his goals, based on their movements, which is particularly sensitive, and this means that Trish will have to move very slowly and maybe distract the attention of his enemy, and if you do not want to become his prey; we should not forget, then, that this Stand can not be killed; as if that were not enough, at this time the girl is completely alone, and another detail of the fundamental, if you do not vital: a couple of meters from the girl lying on the ground the brooch of Day within which you are regenerating the left arm of our GioGio. A situation that would in a cold sweat anyone, and in which Trish at risk of losing its young life.

The original name of the Stand: Spice Girl


Regardless of the bizarre way in which the end of a battle with the Notorious B. I. G., which, however, deserves a mention without a spoiler to be very fun and extremely original, the objective of the gang of Bruno Bucciarati is still the same: to follow the single track that they have in order to be able to discover the true identity of the mysterious and ruthless Boss. Trish has revealed some time ago its so cool the body guards that her parents have been together for some time in Sardinia, and since this was the only track available at the time, only follow her.

For his part, the Boss of the Passion she knows she will not be able to afford any risk or false step: even if there was only one possibility that Bucciarati and his people discover who he is in reality, must prevent at any cost that such an occurrence is realized. The man, shown with King Crimson, his most powerful and terrifying Stand, appears to be particularly upset, but his reaction to the attitude of open defiance of its former subject, and the concrete risk that his identity can be revealed will be decided and firm. The situation is particularly delicate, and the Boss can not entrust its resolution to any of its subject: the matter requires his direct intervention.

Now, all that remains is to wait with the usual trepidation for the next episode of Wind in the Gold!

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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