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Published on Mar 23, 2019


The Clash and Talking Head are two Stands which, together, work in a way that is almost symbiotic, reflecting in this way the harmony and complicity that there is also among their Bearers, respectively, the Shark and Titian (indeed, it should never be forgotten that the Stands are a sort of physical manifestation of the spiritual power of their Bearer, so it is natural that a Stand reflects the character traits typical of its Bearer). If it is true that taken individually, these two Stands are not particularly dangerous (in particular Talking Head, who has a power of physical attack is laughable), face them together, means, in substance, to undergo a series of attacks burst from the Clash while you are completely unable to work with its allies due to the fact that the Talking Head is saying to his target, the opposite of what he is thinking at that moment.

So, Narancia finds himself being doubly helpless in the face of these two Stands the power of the attack is not too high, but that, once again, demonstrate how to brute force an end in itself is not the only way to deal with the drive state clashes concocted by Hirohiko Araki.


Incredibly, therefore, Narancia finds himself having to deal with completely by only two Stand, although with him there is the band of Bucciarati in full (minus one): if you fail to keep the mouth closed, it would risk putting in serious danger to life even his friends and companions of misfortune.

But Narancia is not really only this: the Day Joan is a street urchin from the end of the intellect despite his young age, that he understood almost immediately that Narancia is not crazy, but is under attack by some unseen enemy at the moment is still invisible. Will be thanks to the great confidence placed in Narancia by Day, together with the agreement between the two that will allow the Day to guess what will need his friend in the near future, that the young owner of Aerosmith could hope to have any chance of not ending up killed in the collision.

The original name of the Stand: the Talking Head


Deal with the combined attacks of the Clash and the Talking Head is proving to be a big problem for the protagonist of this exciting clash, which, however, Day gives a precious advice: in a situation similar to others that we have already seen occur in several other occasions, when directly attacking a Stand proves to be a problem, the wisest thing to do is to come and directly attack the wearer, because for how powerful can be a Stand its Bearer still remains a common human being with no power.

Narancia gets so in search of his two enemies, heedless of the fact that it is outnumbered and already tried from the battle. Find all of them there will be a venture so simple, but Narancia has no intention of giving up right now, on the contrary, now the guy is armed with a great courage and huge confidence in himself, thanks also to the help and to the words of the Day.


Even in situations that appear desperate, the enormous strength of the protagonist of this wonderful, unique and always current saga of generational lies in never giving up. Even when everything seems lost, it is very often possible to see a light at the end of the tunnel. And for Narancia, the light is that of the Day.

As the newcomer is still deeply hated by the distrustful Leone Abbacchio, now also Narancia is aware of the fact that the great charism of our George and his immense confidence in the abilities of his companions have a unique capacity to instill in the boy the self-confidence necessary to carry on the fight even if he will have to face only two Carriers and their respective Stand.

The same Narancia will not be able to explain why the words of the Day have a lot of strength, but recognize the fact that it is a ability worthy of a true leader. As in the whole course of the Wind, the Golden mean, the Day works very often, in some way, even in fights that do not see him directly involved, in order to give support to his teammates, just as you would expect from the leader of a criminal gang: in short, even if we see him act, not too often, his hand is always present, a characteristic that is noticed by the companions of George, and by the spectators of the Wind, the Gold-standard which in this way include up at the bottom of the real importance of the support of the Day to his team, not to mention that the mysterious and unique power to instill confidence in others due to its security and to its charism distinguishes it as a sort of chosen one and, therefore, as the true protagonist of the saga, despite the fact that we have seen fight so often as you would expect from the protagonist of an anime. But Araki has a style and a narrative non-conventional, thanks to which it manages to give importance to each of the characters he so masterfully created.

But the adventures of our gangsters favorite are certainly not terminate: to follow the track provided in the previous episode by the young and beautiful Trish, Bucciarati, and his intent to head towards Sardinia, where they hope to find some useful information to find out which is the true identity of the mysterious Boss, and the father of Trish: in this way, the kids as long as the sending a great advantage on their enemy, who is so determined to maintain secrecy about their identity to get even to kill his own daughter...

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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