The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 20: The last order of the Boss | Review


Published on Feb 23, 2019


The Boss is a mysterious presence, and his identity is still shrouded in the thickest of mysteries. But in this episode you can finally see in action, King Crimson, her bizarre Stand.


The last order of the Boss seems to be apparently quite simple to run: it will be enough to bring Trish in the place indicated, and the game will be made. The Boss, however, is a man incredibly cautious, and this provides our directions a little more detailed on how that should be done for shipping, for some reason, the girl will have to be accompanied only by one of the guys, while the others will have to wait for the inside of the boat with which they came to the place, without being able to set foot on the firm ground. The instructions of the Boss, that should be followed point by point, under penalty of death, are summarized in the image bumpers for the episode, which you can find here at the bottom:

Even if you propose the Day, will be Bruno Bucciarati to accompany Trish, as the capo regime of the band. And soon you realize how absurd the situation is about to become.


Even if we have learned to know the mind of Bruno Bucciarati, we knew virtually nothing of his life: here, then, a short section dedicated to the biography of this fascinating and intriguing character, which will be shown are the reasons that pushed him to hate the drugs, to the point of wanting to put against the Boss of the same criminal organization of which it is part.

Of course, the ultimate goal of Bucciarati and the Day is to kill the Boss, whoever he might be, to be able to take the spot at the top of the criminal organization the neapolitan, known by the name of Passion. But before you can achieve such a thing, you need a careful planning. At the time, it would be a suicidal dive into a confrontation with an individual who knows all of them, but our not yet know absolutely nothing.

Shortly before that Bucciarati is able to bring Trish by her father, the girl has a moment of hesitation lost: what will happen to her now? Trish does not know at his father, and now is in spite of the danger to the life of sins he did not commit. This unusual moment of introspection within the psychology of Trish leaves us to understand something of his character, and because he never spoke much, this is a valuable opportunity to get more in touch with the feelings and concerns the most intimate of the beautiful and shy girl.

The short section of biographies of Bruno Bucciarati is a premise is useful for understanding his reaction to a given event that will reveal unto you, a reaction that is broken, impulsive, not rational, which seems to contrast sharply with the calm nature, the cold and calm of this charismatic character. But Bucciarati is a good man and just, despite being a mafioso, and can really not tolerate a cruel act as that which you have just witnessed.


The name of the Stand of the Boss is a tribute to the legendary band's progressive rock experimental King Crimson, founded in London in 1969: an important name for a Stand important! In the final scenes of the episode, you'll see this in action, even if briefly. Because the Boss will be absolutely convinced of having in hand the situation, King Crimson will reveal openly what is his power, so bizarre that its mechanism is rather convoluted. All that remains is to wait for the next installment, to find out what can really do the Boss with his King Crimson.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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