The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 18: on To Venice! | Review


Published on Feb 10, 2019


Melon and his Baby Face have suffered a blow, but have not yet been defeated: the first scenes of the episode are, therefore, devoted to the resolution of this conflict, remained pending at the end of the previous episode (which you can find here my review). Needless to say, the fighting strategies of the Day are unpredictable and bizarre as always!

After he had finally freed of Melon, our receive other orders from the Boss, who has taken every kind of precaution so that there were no leaks about the real reason why our are heading to Venice. But all this will prove to be useless: the Ice and his White Album (a very clear and explicit tribute to the White Album by the Beatles) are now on their tracks.


As for the protagonists of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo to be powerful and skilled in the use of its powers in the most disparate ways and bizarre as possible, very thick, it happens that you are in front of the opponents seemingly unbeatable. And to think so is also our George: the young son of GOD is found, in fact, to think again, just like before, with Melon, Ice is invincible.

How many Stand short-range, the ice, the White Album, has considerable power, as evidenced by the rapidity with which he manages to freeze the car on which Day, and Guido. But where will it be Trish? Ice began doing so shortly after being thrown on the car on which the boys are getting closer and closer to their destination, Venice. If the girl was not there, he could easily get rid in one swoop of two street urchins of Bucciarati, without fear of harm to the daughter of the Boss, and then get back on his trail: an opportunity too tempting to pass up.

Another very interesting detail of this new Stand, the enemy is the fact that his power can be used both in attack and for strengthening the defense: the layer of ice that is able to generate the White Album not only takes shape in incredibly quick, but it is also very often and, for this, resistant, to the point of putting in serissime difficulties our gunslinger, Guido Mista, in which the shots barely manage to scalfirlo. The situation is nothing short of dramatic, and it will be necessary, as always, to think in a non-linear way, but crosswise, so as to be able to catch the enemy by surprise and, but gari, earn a little bit of time for escape or to set up a strategy to attack effectively.

The battle with the Ice and the White Album has not yet been completed, so we can only wait with trepidation for the new episode of Wind in the Gold, to find out how it will end this latest, bizarre combat, and what he had in store for his countless fans, the great Maestro Hirohiko Araki.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold is distributed legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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