The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold – Episode 15: Greateful Dead: Part 1 | Review


Published on Jan 19, 2019


Wind the Gold-standard continued, undaunted in his climax with a great episode, and if it does so will come to break even the sky, in the face of Simon. For this, I thought that the only way to evaluate an episode and an author very often out of scale it was right to give it a vote that was off the scale. Thank You, Master Araki!



Good team work between the Ham and the Fish has led to the capture and mass, K. O., Guido Mixed, as this combination culinary may not seem of the best. The fighting, which has become the protagonist of this great gunslinger is worthy of note, especially for his appearance in the highly strategic and for the sympathy of his small Sex Pistols: with a move astutissima, Mixed, manages to track down the Fish and make it to the destination.

But two Carriers of the Stand, which he doesn't even know at the bottom of the powers, are very difficult to deal with, and Mixed is going to try it on his skin. We know how he thinks Ham about the death threats: after having reprimanded his partner for having led once again by coward, repeated that say phrases such as: “I will kill you” doesn't make any sense, if these words do not follow an immediate action.

In the light of this, it is easy to see that Guido Mista is going to be killed and can not help anything at all: his body and, consequently, its Stand are aged and, for this, they became incredibly slow and weak: an excellent opportunity for Ham to close the accounts with at least one of the henchmen of the hated and at the same time envied Bruno Bucciarati.

The original name of the Stand: the Grateful Dead


In the meantime, guests of the very special means of transport, living thought to them by the Boss in person if they are going so much better: just the process of aging Trish is considerably slowed down, and all there know that this is the right thing to do, because completing the mission is always the priority, for a good subject, as Bucciarati.

However, the girl could not think that the poor Narancia risks his life and his good heart drives you to want to try and keep him alive with a bit of ice, which, however, is of course always less. But Bruno Bucciarati is not a fool, and will not remain certainly, there to watch helplessly what happens on the outside.


After having seen them in action already in the first episode of Wind in the Gold, Bucciarati, and his bizarre Sticky Fingers are back to the fore towards the end of the second part of the episode, and this time what is capable is shown further, and will also be highlighted as an important trait of the character of this grotesquely elegant and sober man: even if your opponent tries to make him lose confidence in himself, Bucciarati the screams in the teeth that will achieve both the objectives that you have set: complete the mission by saving Trish without necessarily having to sacrifice its children.

In the light of this, Bruno Bucciarati is then the protagonist of the great combat scenes, and, of course, his gray matter will find a way to get the better of his opponent. Or at least, so it would seem, even if it is a gimmick to the limits of suicide.

The episode ends with a nice open ending and the battle with the Fish and Ham will continue in the next installment of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Standard, for which we have to wait another week to find out how it will end.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold is distributed legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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