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Published on Dec 16, 2018


Cheese is creating many problems to our Narancia, who finds himself having to deal with an opponent from the gigantic dimensions compared to its. Unfortunately for Narancia, however, the fact that Little Feet is able to zoom out also implies a considerable decrease of the power attack of his Band, also reduced almost to a minimum.

The great merit of the souls taken from the Wind, the Gold standard is the fact that they always spent a few short minutes to explain and show it to the spectators, who were the protagonists of this bizarre narrative arc, before becoming the sober thugs gangsters of Bucciarati, who are now. Of course, the great protagonist of the last episodes, and, therefore, also in this flashback, is Narancia.

When he was still very young, the boy found himself facing the harsh eye disease that struck his mother, Apple Ghirga (apart from a certain languor, all these names inspired by food to stimulate a parallel, the nth, with One Piece, and more specifically, with the saga of Whole Cake Island, in which many characters have names inspired by candy. Slurp!).

Narancia has never had a good relationship with his father, who rebelled by living by their wits, of course, little, if not nothing, legal. And it will be just as you will find in the streets of Naples, a young Narancia will be found by Fugo Pannacotta, willing to ask his boss Bruno Bucciarati, a hot dish to offer to this young boy uneasy.

Bruno Bucciarati initially does not want Narancia to become part of her gang, because it is still only a boy, and, at his age, the best thing to do is to return home and continue his studies. This attitude is so affectionate, not only does Bucciarati a father figure is better than the natural father of Narancia, who dislikes it quite a nice piece, but it also makes us understand, once more, as Bruno Bucciarati, both in a man with a heart good and kind, as demonstrated by the many manifestations of affection and respect that the young man receives from anyone who knows and encounters on the street. But as we well know Narancia has finally joined the band Bucciarati and, because of a chain of events that began when he was only a kid, now she finds herself risking their lives, only to be released to do the shopping.

Narancia is really in trouble with the serious, and the situation, for a change, seems to get worse: his blows have inflicted a lot of damage to the Cheese, which managed to return to its natural size shortly before the barrage of bullets Aerosmith did it outside. Moreover, now that Cheese is no longer a gnome to have the best on Narancia, the top is still a few centimeters, it should not be a problem.

Of course, before killing the subversive Cheese will have to try to steal as much information as possible about the location of the hiding place in which our kids are hiding Trish: Cheese think, in fact, that thanks to the Stand of the girl he and his companions will be able to track down (and ultimately kill) the mysterious Boss. Hey, wait a minute... TRISH IS A BEARER OF the STAND???? A fortiori, therefore, now Narancia must keep the boccaccia closed! But perhaps Cheese has found, however, what he was looking for...


Cheese, she decided to play a bit more with Narancia, enclosing it inside a glass bottle along with a spider: at first the guy will talk and before the Cheese will release him from this bizarre imprisonment. Of course, if he does not tell you nothing will be immobilized and absorbed very slowly by the spider, of course, while it is still conscious. But, as mentioned earlier, the Cheese will still discover the hiding place of Trish! Now, it services thus becomes an imperative essential for Narancia. Already, but how do you do?

Narancia demonstrated in this dramatic situation which, if not normally is-so-cute, under pressure, the young man really gives the best of themselves, putting in motion all the its usually very lazy neurons and getting them to the action: after being released from his deadly trap, the guy can then take action directly against his fearsome opponent.

Thanks to a strategy very elaborated, impeccable, Narancia manages to score an attack controil the enemy, who, however, still has an ace up his sleeve, that of course will not reveal here in order not to take away from the taste of discovery: again, Narancia appears to be in advantage against Cheese, but the colonel was certainly not going to get killed, at least not before he revealed to his cronies, where they are the cronies of Narancia and their main objective the current, Trish, the daughter of the Boss (remember that possession of the precious and rich stuff put aside by the deceased Octopus is still in the plans of the faction's subversive gang, the Passion of which it is part of our own Cheese).

Narancia will now be able to devise some other plan to avert this danger? And even if he were to succeed in the arduous task of killing the Cheese, you will be able to complete this difficult task before man is able to communicate to his allies to the place where Trish is hidden?

Once gathered, our trying to understand how to behave, now that the place where they decided to keep Trish in A safe and secure is at risk. It will be the Day johanna to suggest they do absolutely nothing until they receive the direct orders of the Boss, but his new teammates are still a bit wary as it is still not know him well, and, for this, they are not sure of its true purposes.

However, the intuition of the Day will prove to be true, and our anti-heroes will receive from the mysterious Boss with a new assignment: in the next episode of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold we will find out if our will be able to accomplish this further task, assigned to them directly by the Boss of the gang criminal of the neapolitan, known by the name of Passion.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold is distributed legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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