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Published on Dec 08, 2018


The sveglissimo Narancia was entrusted with a mission, in a different situation, would have been nothing short of trivial to do the shopping. The problem is that, as we know, our boys are being chased by a dissident gang, and Passion that has as its immediate goal the discovery of the treasure of the Octopus and as a final objective the killing of the mysterious Boss, not to mention that now they know not only that the Boss has a daughter, but also that his life has been entrusted to your team Bucciarati.

Even Bruno and his henchmen to point to the top of the pyramid of the power of Passion, but you are moving in a decidedly more strategic and prudent in order to avoid finding themselves branded with a death sentence. And in the clash between Narancia-and-Cheese, the small Bearer of the Stand Aerosmith is always a risk to have the worst of it...

As always, Araki has not chosen haphazardly the us of its Stand: Aerosmith is a small plane and Little Feet has the power to shrink himself and anything or anyone you want. The episode resumes the fight at the point where it was interrupted during the last episode (of which you can find here our review): Cheese you managed to hit Narancia, which is gradually lessening, although there will a while to realize it.

The fact that the guy is not so attentive to the strategy and that, for this, prefers action to reflection, is proving to be a point against him in the fight against a man who instead bases his fighting style right on the careful planning of its own actions.

The original name of the Stand: Aerosmith

Maybe Narancia could ask for help from his friends, who begin to worry about the fact that the guy is not back yet (also because Trish is A need of its water to the French not to die of thirst!) or maybe I can do this, and, in this case, you must be able to get the better of his opponent alone. But Narancia is not so ill-equipped, and has an ace up his sleeve that somehow allows you to know pretty much where to find his opponent. This displaces considerably the Cheese, which must try to think of a way to escape his pursuer.

Also in this episode there is a brief, but thorough presentation of the character of the Cheese, which is a part of what is known as Team Performances: it is a criminal gang specialized in assassinations composed of 9 members, who are presented to the public for the first time. Are also described by the narrator out of the field some of the dynamics that lead the band to transform into organizations and, accordingly, antagonizing opposing factions. And that is exactly what has happened to the Team Performances, which now wants to make sure to kill the Boss to take his place. But what would happen if they were discovered?

A note should be made of a short sequence in which it is explicitly mentioned the controversial british artist Damien Hirst, who has also created works using animal corpses are cut to pieces, stuffed and dipped in formaldehyde; the whole is inserted on the inside of the windows:

The clash between Cheese and Narancia is both more challenging than expected and has not yet been completed, therefore will continue in the next episode.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind Gold is distributed legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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