The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo and Araki reveals his favorite character


Published on Nov 03, 2019


The creator of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, Hirohiko Araki, was recently interviewed during the Lucca Comics & Games.

Responding to questions about why some characters have to die or what would be his Stand if he had access to one of them, Araki has also responded to a question about which of the characters she has created is her favorite.

little report from araki''s talk:
– he said he had in mind, how to start the series and vaguely knows how to end it, tho whats in between is still a mystery to him as well, basically hes writing chapter by chapter
– his fave is still shigechi

— fwan 🍑 (@omitaichi) October 30, 2019

The Twitter user Omitaichi has transcribed the response of Araki to this question, demonstrating that the sensei has a particular fondness for a character to look anything but charming that appears in the fourth season, Diamond Is Unbreakable:

Shigechi is an inhabitant of Morio-Cho, the town that hosts the protagonists of Diamond Is Unbreakable, who is also the owner of the stand. His stand, Harvest, is basically a group of tiny creatures that allow you to scan any area and steal what he wants without anyone noticing.

The manga is published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo and Araki reveals his favorite character is




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