The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo and Araki explains how to create the clothes


Published on Nov 01, 2019


In addition to the stands and to the characters out of the ordinary, one of the characteristics that have made famous the manga of Araki is the design of the costumes that permeates the whole work.

The sensei Hirohiko Araki has had a meeting with fans at Lucca Comics And Games in 2019 and responded to questions on his series published by Edizioni Star Comics in our Country. When the question has been put on the fashion and choice of clothing, Araki was happy to answer which was the most important part of the design of some of the leaders.

The Twitter user Omitaichi has shared the response of Araki in the convention on the comics, in which Hirohiko explains that one of the most important parts of creating an outfit for his characters lies in the fact that it is comfortable, even if in practice it may seem completely “bizarre”:

araki said that according to him the most important thing while planning his characters' final Polish is to make them COMFORTABLE, school uniforms are the most comfortable clothes

— fwan 🦇 ✈️ araki fight me @ lucca (@omitaichi) October 30, 2019

Almost certainly the outfits of the series JoJo are unique in the world of the manga, for their extravagance, but also for their sophistication: just think of the dress of the Day Giovanna, a pink dress with a giant heart-shaped hole on the chest... not to mention their hairstyles!

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo and Araki explains how to create the clothes is




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