The biodegradable bags for foods you can bring from home


Published on Apr 07, 2018


As you surely remember, a few months ago came into force the law on the biodegradable bags for foods, in supermarkets, the use of bags for fruit, vegetables, fish and other, not free, but with a variable cost depending on the chain of supermarkets.

The news generated a lot of controversy, someone spoke of an additional tax for citizens, others said that the non-reuse was a theft, it was said that the cost for some, irrelevant for the one who is in a situation of economic difficulty, it was another expense.

The news is that the Council Was in agreement with the Ministry of Health has asked for an opinion, has established that you can bring from home without having to necessarily buy at the supermarket, the text states that the consumer can use the bags individually found eligible for the goods and in accordance with the terms established by law.

Not only bags, but also containers for food in bulk for example of paper or the retinas, in some cases, the container might not even be necessary.

The Council of State has decided that just because the bags are a product like any other, their purchase may not be imposed in a given place, so consumers have the right to choose where to buy them.

The important thing is that the bags or containers that you bring to the supermarket for your purchases to be able to preserve the integrity of the food.





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