The Big Brother Vip called Pink and Soleil?

Published on Jul 15, 2017

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Last year, Big Brother Vip to set up the cast of competitors has caught also between the characters launched by Men and Women such as the former tronista Andrea Damante that also thanks to the support of his wife Giulia De Lellis proved to be one of the most beloved. The same could happen in the next month of September with two women, the former tronista Rosa Perrotta and former suitor Soleil Sorgé.

The news comes from the advances in tv blog The Vicolo delle News: the production of the reality show that will return in the early evening on Channel 5 with Ilary Blasi at the helm and Alfonso Signorini as a pundit has decided to focus once again on the dating show of Maria De Filippi. The first choice was the former tronista gay Claudio the Season, but the controversy related to the alleged lies told by the guy they have created a rift with his fans, who seems to have done to change the idea to the GF Vip.

So in pole position at the moment, there are two girls who instead enjoy a great popularity: Rosa Perrotta at the beginning of his path as a tronista of Men and Women was not liked but a little at a time has been able to conquer all, and her love story with Peter's Presents is still one of the most exciting of the last edition. Soleil Sorgé however, has been the choice of Luca Onestini, and certainly has the right personality to establish itself in the Big Brother House, but the more certainty there will be in the next few weeks. You would like to review it in reality?

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