The best tech accessories travel? Here is what you can not miss this summer!


Published on Jun 01, 2018


RavPower has a list of three tech accessories travel very convenient to have always available energy and memory. Discover them below.

The summer is approaching and, with the arrival of the holidays and the nice weather, we wanted to make an article dedicated to three accessories tech travel always carry with them.

Let's start with a charger for electronic devices, perfect for use in outdoor. It is a charger, solar panels folding with which to recharge all the devices we need. Solar panels, Sunpower can convert the solar energy by up to 23.5% and the result is an immediate activation of the charging. Just place the panel in the sun and connect the device to one of the two available USB ports to start charging, then stop immediately as soon as the sun will be on.

As we said, this charger is portable and folds to be easy to position and carry. The product is protected by a waterproof canvas very comfortable and durable, which guarantees a great longevity to the product.

Speaking of technical data, this product is 16W with two USB ports that provide a maximum of 3.2 A. The technology Smart IC then recognizes the connected devices and optimizes the supply of energy to maintain a high level of safety and efficiency.

This convenient solar panel costs less than 50€ but we can always have energy in the sun, above all it is free and extremely portable.

The second product, which is clearly to reconnect us to what we have seen recently, is a set of two cables Lightning the certificates to take with him as a reserve in case of emergency. The cables are certified MFi guarantee a refill stable and secure, and are of two different sizes (0.9 m and 1.8 m) to adapt to different uses. In this case, excellent to pair with the solar panel seen before, for recharge the iOS device in mobility.

This set of cables as Lightning is available for less than 15€ on Amazon and is available in two colours: black and white.

Finally, we conclude the article with a key accessory in a trip to always have additional memory for taking photos and recording video. This USB flash drive-Lightning-optimized for iPhone allows us to have 64GB of additional storage space on the device.

The design is pleasant, with the cover that rotates 360° to find the connector in our interest. The application for iOS is quite good and allows us to save the contents and read them without problems. It is also possible to take photos and video directly to the USB stick so not having to go from memory, maybe full, your smartphone. For the connection to the computer then, we can rely on the USB 3.0 standard. The iOS app instead, you call iPlugmate and also supports Touch ID for security.

This key is found less than 45€ on Amazon in the cut tried 64GB. Recommended to all travellers and to those who have little storage space on your Apple smartphone.

In short, these were our tips on the best tech accessories travel RAVPower. Maybe will re-present the article with other tips for other producers.

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